iOS vs One UI – Which has been better?

iOS vs One UI – Which has been better? Hello all and welcome to this extensive comparison between Apple iOS 13 and Samsung One UI 2.1. In this video I will share with you my long term experience with both software and help you understand which has been better. The intentions of this video is to provide knowledge and experience with both systems to help you better understand which will be better for you. If you prefer iOS please explain why down below in the comment section of this video if you prefer the Samsung One UI, please explain why below in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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21 Replies to “iOS vs One UI – Which has been better?”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    iOS vs One UI – Which has been better over time, in this example we take a look at iOS 13.5.1 vs One UI 2.1! Share your pick and thoughts below and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. Carlinho Martienes

    The thing is the phones look clutter with thing on the android because people like to have all at one click. I lobe android but I like clean looks so keep my notification panel clean and homescreen even with widgets

  3. Redrum 51

    I had a galaxy s10 with nova launcher and widget apps with app icon apps and bro .. the customization was insane. Overwhelming tbh. I loved it. I now own an iphone 11 and well its not even close to having that level of customization but i do like how simple and clean it is to use everyday. Ps i switched to iphone because i was stuck with the exynos version of the s10 so my battery drained alot even on stand by .

  4. Radi Lee

    great video nick!! nice review, i am an iphone user and never use android before.. but watching this makes me think twice to upgrade my iphone! samsung does really clean and user friendly

  5. Im 2technical

    Samsung has n the watch, phone, tablet,desktop, washer and dryer , fridge etc etc …. way more and yes I have all of them….. expect the microwave and stove they all communicate between each other….

  6. Dakota Murphy

    All this videos fail to show how long they last.. I like apple because they do last longer and when I get phones like that after about a year they start ailing and glitching

  7. Mikey Lejan

    Currently using a Samsung S10e as my primary device while I am using an Iphone 6s plus as my secondary device. I love them both and carry them both. Before this I was using a a BlackBerry Keyone and Classic as my primary and secondary device respecticely, I love them both, but my keyone got bricked while my Classic is now so outdated.

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