iPad mini 4 performance on iOS 12 vs iOS 11

iPad mini 4 performance on iOS 12 vs iOS 11


iPhone SE performance on iOS 12 vs iOS 11,

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  1. Commander X

    Can you help me please? is ipad mini 4 has laminated display as ipad pro? Or not.. and should I buy it or the ipad 2018 in term of display as main case then features 🙂

  2. Miri

    I love iOS 12, I have had this iPad mini 4 for 2 years and I noticed it was slowing it down but iOS 12 helped it speed up more. My only complaint is that I don’t like the look of iOS 12 but it has sped up my iPad a lot so I will stick with iOS 12. I would recommend it for the iPad mini 4.

    Edit: The keyboard is annoying! They switched the emoji and the 123 number/ other stuff keys around which confuses me a bit when typing lol

  3. Mic Geneva

    Just to save you guys some time.
    Overall, iOS 12 performs better than iOS 11, while consuming more battery at the same time.
    iOS 12 has better cpu benchmark than iOS 11, but lower Gupta benchmark
    Overall, uyou should upgrade to iOS 12 if using iPads.
    For iphone users, battery life is not that terrible comparing to iOS 10.3.3 if you are with iphone 7 and older, but staying with iOS 10 would also be a good idea if you don’t care some systematic improvements.


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  5. J W

    And people say Apple plans obsolescence… meanwhile all my previous Android devices got at most one year of major OS updates.

  6. Mariam Sfaxi

    i hate how my ipad mini 4 is like the iPhone 10 now and on my iPhone 6 plus I updated too but it is not like iPhone 10 cause when I was setting it for the new update I pressed set up later on my iPhone and set up now on my ipad so is there a way to makemy ipad like before

  7. Conor Jokes

    Just got my new iPad mini 4 today so looking forward I have serval iPads over the years ipadm4th Gen and iPad 3 mini 3 another mini 3.
    And this mini 4

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