iPad Pro 11 In-Depth Review : USB-C, Performance, Keyboard and Pencil and more

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Apple’s new iPad Pro is a complete redesign with a significant performance boost. But will any developer make use of that power? In this review we take a look at all of the new features. See more tablets: and subscribe!

0:00 – Intro
00:32 – Hardware overview
00:42 – Size vs. 10.5 iPad Pro
01:42 – Price
02:16 – Price of accessories (smart keyboard and pencil)
03:10 – Industrial design, fit and finish
03:33 – Thickness and weight
03:53 – Ports
04:02 – Faster charging
04:21 – Battery life
04:32 – No headphone jack
04:43 – No home button, Face ID, app navigation
05:41 – Split screen
06:07 – Not all apps support the larger display
06:46 – Camera system
06:50 – Camera image sample
07:04 – No optical stabilization
07:32 – Portrait mode on front camera
07:41 – Smart Keyboard Folio / cover / case
10:05 – New Apple Pencil version 2
11:16 – Performance: Web browsing, video editing, gaming
13:16 – 3DMark Slingshot Benchmark
14:26 – USB-C port: hubs, external displays, storage
17:22 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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32 Replies to “iPad Pro 11 In-Depth Review : USB-C, Performance, Keyboard and Pencil and more”

  1. Sloppy Toons

    It's cheaper and more powerful than an iPhone, it's bigger too. If you do main work on a desktop, and need something more comfortable to carry around and can do some of your work, than that's what the iPad is for. It's an art tool, with this power I hope maybe a version of ZBrush will come, but clip studio, procreate and the affinity apps that I prefer over Adobe on desktop are on iOS. So it's definately a pro device, just not a pro device for serious editors, excel warriors and not the best way to play fortnight.

  2. Giorgos efkairiakos

    Lon I heard about an interesting gadget called Ravpower FileHub. Could you please check it out for us? It’s supposed to connect with your iOS device (or any device) via WiFi and make a hub connection with your external drives or sd cards etc…Thanks!

  3. Verdadeiro

    Hey, in the Macrumors forum it was reported the USB-C adapter for WIRED headphones caused 2 issues with the new iPAD Pros: 1) unusual battery drain, and 2) wi-fi drops all of sudden. Can you check if this is the case? Apple hasn't said anything about it or announced a fix. If you experience these I suggest you go to the Apple Bug Reporting page with your Apple ID and password, and open a new bug report. That will help a lot!

  4. davva360

    For anyone who is concerned about being able to use external storage. There are really 3 good options. I personally use a NAS drive on my wifi network. It allows me to import photos and videos I already have stored directly into Luma Fusion or Affinity photo for editing. It also allows me to view and edit Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers, pdf documents etc, and then save them back onto the NAS if I need to. This method means getting files from a computer to an iPad is simple.

    The second option if you need to do the same thing but while you are on the move is to get an external wifi Hard Drive. You will be able to do the same thing but carry it wherever you go.

    Third option is a cloud service like iCloud or Dropbox. They work well too but you may need to pay to get enough storage.

    I really do hope that Apple allow use of external storage at some point. It is definitely the most frustrating thing to me about the iPad but I have found the NAS solution has solved my problems for about $100.

  5. D

    The lighting in your room combined with the vintage devices in the background make your video feel like it was from the 1980's 😛

  6. - StarLight -

    Well many people have doesnt understand that a new Ipad comes out and that is gonna take time for all apps to match the new screen 👍☺️ I want this iPad soon when I get this but I want in the arge one! 💛

  7. Tesco Primark

    You don’t have to buy the keyboard from Apple, a £10 Bluetooth keyboard on eBay works fine and you don’t have to attach the keyboard either. The older version I had the keyboard and I didn’t used much.

  8. stan_sprinkle

    Maybe I screwed up, but I just bought the old 2017 10.5 version. I couldn’t bring myself to cough up the extra $325 (I got a free older version of the pencil from a family member). Maybe I’ll regret it, but I’m pretty happy with the old one so far and I don’t mind the bezels at all. The old pencil charging design is stupid, but not a deal breaker.

  9. Ti Ko

    how sensitive is this iPad to impacts from being dropped actually? If for example I just drop it from one foot distance on a table will it already cause some minor internal damage (sensitive circuits and stuff)?

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