iPad Pro 11 iPadOs: How to use Magic Mouse 2…

How to use Magic Mouse 2 on iPad Pro 11 running iPadOS/iOS13…

Thanks to Dale Kildal!!!

Accessibility – Assistive Touch – Always Show Menu – Turn Off
1 Go to Accessibility,
2 Go on to “Switch-Control”,
3 further into “Switches”,
4you shall see “Bluetooth-devices” (just beneath “Add-new-switch….) and tap on it,
5 turn on your mouse; search and connect….,.,
6 and now go back to “Assistive Touch’ and turn-on this function,
7 do down to “pointer devices” tap on “devices”,
8 you will see your mouse being connected and you may customize additional buttons to your preference.

9 Most information available starts from No. 6 without much information before that (yes most of us lost our hair here-on),
10, if above don’t work for you (depending on your previous setting done unknowingly) , you may:
11 start from clause 6,7,8 follow by 1 to 5.


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45 Replies to “iPad Pro 11 iPadOs: How to use Magic Mouse 2…”

  1. Luke Staten

    Just ordered the 2020 iPad Pro 11 for college. Can’t wait till it arrives. And I ordered the Magic Mouse 2 as well. Your videos are basically my go-to. So thank you. I love this content.

  2. Heather Gaunt

    Although this is a great video I feel the need to highlight that with the current software update (13.3.1) Apple no longer support the Magic Mouse 2 for iPad. I found this out the hard way and purchased more than one mouse as I thought the first was faulty. It’s only after heavy research that I found this out! This is why some people can connect their mouse and others can’t. You can get around this by purchasing the Magic Mouse 1 or another Bluetooth mouse. I’m on my way to buy the Magic Mouse 1 now…

  3. lauren sherman

    I went to switches, then Bluetooth devices, turned the Magic Mouse on, and it never showed up under Bluetooth devices. It keeps searching & searching & it never shows up.

  4. Bianca Small

    Hello. Thank you for your video. The problem that I have with my iPad Pro is that once I hit 'switches', all it says is to add a new device. It doesn't have the option for Bluetooth. It doesn't even show my Apple Pencil is connected when it is. So once I hit switch control, I am unable to pair the mouse.
    Could you help me out with that please?

  5. Sebastian Amuzu

    I was kinda having the same issues, I called Apple and they told me it wasn’t supported with 13.3. After watching this video I installed the beta 13.4 and I was able to connect it at the Bluetooth page. Didn’t have to got to accessibility. Thanks for the video it really helped. But I didn’t agree when you said you were wrong! You were absolutely right. It doesn’t work with 13.3.

  6. Thom Horton

    I have gone thru all the steps to connect my Apple mouse several times, but nothing is working. Restarted iPad, restarted mouse, but nothing is working?

  7. Kio Milenium

    I may buy a MM2! I have a question, Can I enable the mouse accessibility feature using only a keyboard? I ask this because my 2018 iPad pro's display just died. So a got this idea, Could I use a USB C hub to connect my iPad to a monitor (HDMI) and a keyboard (USB A) to enable the mouse pointer (without the ability to touch on the screen) and then use it as a desktop device? I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks!

  8. Adonis Contreras

    I have tried, but the Bluetooth just keep spinning and can’t locate the mouse 2 even when i turned it on. Maybe because of the 13.3.1 OS update I don’t know but Apple keep telling me it does not work on iPad Pro via Bluetooth. I spend over $120 on this apple mouse, and it works on android devise perfectly but not apple devices, the irony.

  9. Amit Budhraja

    Hi, I have an iPad Pro 11-inch running on iOS 13.3.1. I am trying to pair an Apple Magic Mouse 2 (which i have tested on other Macs) with the iPad Pro. But it just does not show in under Settings >> Accessibility>>Switch Control >> Switches >> Bluetooth Devices (following your instructions). What am I doing wrong…can you please help. The Magic Mouse is charged more than 40% and I have toggled the ON/ OFF switch of the Magic Mouse 2 multiple times, also tried to press and hold the mouse button. But of no help…

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