iPad Pro 11" STM Dux Plus Case Review… Are you SmarterThanMost?

The STM Dux is a highly elusive case. Magnetic, Protective, and Sleek… Are you SmarterThanMost???
Let’s find out!!!

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STM Dux Plus Midnight Blue

STM Dux Plus Red

STM Dux Plus Black

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30 Replies to “iPad Pro 11" STM Dux Plus Case Review… Are you SmarterThanMost?”

  1. Hero Charter

    Thanks for a great video.
    In the future- i would LOVE if you would include how the case can be held with the front folded behind. In this case- does it sit flat with the magnet holding it there????

    I actually use my iPad the most holding it in my hands, and don’t enjoy flaps that hang. Unfortunately, i can’t find great back-only cases that give great protection around the whole border.

  2. W June

    What is the purpose of it being transparent on the back? I could imagine an extra layer of protection to the screen, which would necessitate a transparent surface… But since that's not the case, (no pun intended), …Why?

  3. C Mason

    Thanks so much for all of the outstanding iPad Pro 11 case reviews (and just incredible work on your end) – – – I think I've watched everyone of them, and think it's down to this STM Dux Plus or the Otterbox Symmetry – – – do you prefer one of these two over the other? Thanks again!

  4. Josh Brice

    I have also discovered an easier way to put it on, starting from the lower part of the iPad, like sliding it from where the pencil opening is located and then pushing the top corners

  5. JSH2017

    Just less than 7 minutes review, the first two minutes is for the box. Watching this is waste of time. Who really want to see the box?

  6. Sneaker679

    I have had this case since January, I was suprised to find out that it wasn't officially release trough a video and nobody reviewed the case on youtube. Weird.

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