iPad Pro 11" vs 12.9" 2018/2020 | IN-DEPTH Size Comparison!

Ya’ll have been waiting for this one 😀 In this video I go into depth on my extensive experience with both the iPad Pro 11″ and the iPad Pro 12.9″ (that I recently picked up) in the realm of college and personal work. I firstly go over portability/footprint aspects, then conduct a speaker quality test, talk battery life and then go in depth comparing many of the iPad Pro apps we love side by side in order to give you an idea as to what to expect from each form factor. I then get into why you should go bigger or smaller in regard to price and screen real estate.

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44 Replies to “iPad Pro 11" vs 12.9" 2018/2020 | IN-DEPTH Size Comparison!”

  1. Laurence gr

    I even find the 10.2" 8th gen iPad to be uncomfortably heavy and too big, but thanks to the well-designed bezels, I have enough room to hold the iPad when I'm using it in bed.

  2. Fat Loss Solutions Inc.

    I've been using my 12.9 for 2 weeks now and here is where I'm at with it. Since it's not a laptop and I prefer to use it while chilling on the couch, in bed, etc. it's simply too big. It's too big to manage with one hand while swiping with the other unless you set it on the table like a laptop. I think if you want to use it like a laptop then the 12.9 is probably great as it's more versatile with the pencil, but if you're going to use it as a notebook to jut things down, watch youtube on, etc. I'd recommend the 11… I may have to exchange mine while I have time.

  3. Jie L.

    Thanks Noah! I like that you compared using multitasking, writing notes and reading textbooks/papers, that’s what I would like to go to an Apple store and to try by myself. I don’t mind if it’s too large or I can’t hold it in my hand for a longer time, I will definitely use it on a desk. So yeah, your video does help me to decide to go with the 12.9 inch! Thank you!

  4. Foxie Adjuia

    Does the 11inch work well for reading music as well? You didn’t show sheep music on the smaller one and I’m very curious about that before I make a purchase

  5. Addy Moreno

    This is a great review, Noah. Thank you! I'm looking for more real estate to write school notes and you answered all my questions! I'll be buying the 12.9 in. during Black Friday to see what kind of offers they have. I may be able to get the pencil or a keyboard case 😁

  6. neil 225

    What is it like to”thumb type” on the ipad pro 12.9 when it is held in portrait position? This is how I do most of my typing on my old ipad air. I use a folded origami style case held in both hands while i type, muchlike a giant smart phone.

  7. Joshua Uduma

    You’re amazing, beautiful, and those skills! I was wondering if there was anyone who hated homework and needs someone to do it. My mom and I say I’m pretty qualified, because I got her an A+ as her final college grade. My email is 380588@ga.aliefisd.net. Contact me if you need help with any type of homework. I’m trying to save up enough money to get an iPad Pro too!

  8. Ken88

    Guess people who bought 11 inch are regretting now since air 4 are almost identical..told them to go with 12.9 like I did.

  9. Orbital H

    THANKS so much bro. You helped me make a decision finally! I am going with the 12.9 inch. You’re the FIRST YouTuber doing a review on this iPad Pro that actually talked about something USEFUL to me like doing calculus problems and taking notes, rather than just complain about the weight and “portability”. I’m an Aerospace Engineering student and I’m hoping this thing will be perfect because once you get up to differential equations and high level physics courses, one math problem takes up 2-3 pages!!

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