iPad Pro “11 vs "12.9 – my FAVORITE size (2020)

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In this video, we will be reviewing the iPad Pro “11 vs the iPad Pro “12.9 sizes. They both have their negative and positive aspects but there is one that I prefer. Either way no matter which one you decide to purchase, the iPad Pro 2020 is still an incredible device in both sizes.

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24 Replies to “iPad Pro “11 vs "12.9 – my FAVORITE size (2020)”

  1. meh meh

    well if I'm gonna need a bag for 11", then its portability is not that different from 12.9" esp you are using it mainly for producing………. just finding excuses to spend even more. nvm

  2. Lili Riri

    oh my idrk what to buy… since i'll be having the macbook as my main computer and this for second screen, note taking, portability, and entertainment purposes for when i want to watch on larger screen rather than on my phone.. will 11" ipad pro be a better one for me? since for sure i will be using these devices until i maxed them out

  3. Fat Loss Solutions Inc.

    I bought the 12.9 and quickly realized how huge it actually is. It’s too big to be used as a tablet, it will end up sitting on your desk more than you think! I switched to the 11, using it a lot more. Yes, it’s not as great for note taking/multi tasking IMO but the fact that it still gives you those options it’s a +. If you want a laptop replacement go with the 12.9, if you want a tablet that can function like a laptop than 11 is a better opt. I’m sticking with the 11 as well.

  4. Ashu Kemla

    Hi. I’m Ashu from India. I just got iPad Air 4. As, it has the same chassis, it has flex & it bends, it really does, even at slight pressure (when noticed carefully). I requested a replacement & that would be delivered next month. I’m too worried. I haven’t seen anything so expensive & so flimsy (I mean it, I didn’t expect that cz I already own an iPad Mini & that is really tough). But this new Air has too much flex in it. By any chance if you haven’t noticed it yet, take a look from sides like you see from a gun while twisting it even at very very low force. It’s too soft.

    Bro Please let me know about your take on this (in-detail if possible cz I m really really worried) ?

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