iPad Pro 12.9” 1st Generation vs. 3rd Generation: Not Worth the Upgrade!

The 3rd generation iPad Pro is a beast! The 1st generation iPad Pro on the other hand is close on its heels, even after almost 4 years. Let me know what you guys think!

iPad Pro 3rd Gen:

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28 Replies to “iPad Pro 12.9” 1st Generation vs. 3rd Generation: Not Worth the Upgrade!”

  1. The Mighty Sparrow

    Apple is a scam.
    Not only do they overcharge you ridiculously hard but have so much restrictions & charge you more than what a new device would cost for minor repairs.
    They are robbing people who are too brainwashed/stupid to realise it.

  2. Aaron Limitless

    I have the 3rd gen of this and I had the 12.9 first am I the only one that wish that size was still available just in a bigger screen like 13 or 13.5 inch I just loved how big that iPad was

  3. Jessica Furstenfeld

    Is it worth for a college student? I've been considering buying an iPad, but I also consider the values. With the new releases, the previous ones were cheaper. My question is whether the first generation is still worth buying to use apps like good notes.

  4. Telengard Forever

    Worst issue with iPad Pro's 1st Gen: Their batteries are now at the end-of-life. I know plenty of people who have the 1st Gen Pro's (because of work), and nobody can get a decent battery charge anymore. The charges range from 1 hour to about 3 hours. And of course the battery starts to die after our Apple+ subscription ends. Pro Advice: Get a new battery before your Apple+ subscription ends regardless if you feel you need it or not.

  5. don chito

    I Need It For Making Music And Wondering If Upgrading Or Getting 3rd Gen Is Better I Was Gonna Get Iphone XS Max 256 Unlocked But Seeing The Price I Want Ipad Pro But Not Sure If Its 1st Gen Or 3rd Gen Is Better

  6. Lu Gunn

    There’s one thing that Apple always excel in upgrading: THEIR OVERPRICING!

    I love most things about my iPad Pro 12.9 first gen, which I’ve had since it came out!
    It takes horrible pictures but it’s fast and it’s been holding up pretty well…and now that Apple released the Catalina update (13), we can even connect USB ports to it…it took them a while and though the first Catalina update had to be followed by a ton of other “13.” updates, it’s been pretty useful but not without problems.

    Unfortunately, ever since I added a connective Logitech keyboard case to my iPad Pro first gen, it can only get about an hour of use before I must charge it again!

    It’s October 2020 and I’d love to upgrade my iPad Pro 12.9 first generation but I couldn’t possible justify the investment when considering the cost and improvements of the latest iPad Pro models.

    My iPad Pro camera is TERRIBLE! It doesn’t even hold up to my obsolete iPhone 5S camera, which takes FAR BETTER pictures than my iPad Pro camera does…the quality difference is ridiculous! The iPad Pro camera does worse than some toy cameras that my son had when he was a toddler!! That’s how bad this camera is! So it doesn’t surprise me that Apple figured out it was time for some major camera improvements…too bad they didn’t get that right from the first iPad Pro generation…I mean, it’s not like they don’t know what it takes to build good cameras in their devices…I guess they decided it’d make sense to give the most mediocre camera to their most prominent tablet, namely the iPad Pro. That’s so like Apple to do stuff like this…it’s like their keyboard case for the iPad Pro…it’s the most expensive iPad keyboard case in the market…it’s also the worst!

    Like I wrote in the beginning…Apple is very good at upgrading their overpricing…they’re also very good at leaving us with very few options, if any, but to spend small fortunes in order to enjoy their devices. This is especially true when they decide to retire and declare as obsolete the older generation devices, which usually still work perfectly. It’s such a shame but that’s how they profit. What works well for them is to “sell apples” that we right away bite onto!

  7. Erik

    I've serious performance issues with my 1.gen 12"9 one now.
    Multitasking is no longer possible because the RAM is constantly killing tasks when switching on apps.
    Unfortunately, even the 4th generation now isn't worth the upgrade for me.
    I rly hope that the 5th generation is getting finally an oled/ mini led panel, that the display finally improves.
    And I hope that the resolution will also finally move upon.
    Fair enough that 4k seems to be overkill for an Apple iPad, even though it actually would make sense on the 12.9" one.
    But at least Quad HD which Samsung is using for years for their Galaxy phones would be a good compromise.
    Watching 1080p YouTube is honestly a shame for a $1k tablet, 1440p would then be quite legitim.

  8. Leslie Lewis

    So you say don't upgrade what about now that the 4th gen is out do you still say don't upgrade I mean now it's double ram double storage for even the base model

  9. Gabe C

    Doing some research in 2020. Question. My dad has a 2015 iPad Pro but the lcd is messed up so it would cost me $250 to fix. Is this worth fixing versus getting a newer iPad? I just need it for note taking at school and I’d probably get a keyboard to type papers. Mostly school stuff. Nice video!

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