iPad Pro 12.9 Review – 2 Months Later!

I’ve been using the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9in for two months – here’s my review!

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45 Replies to “iPad Pro 12.9 Review – 2 Months Later!”

  1. Bec Lestrange

    I'm still awake, it's 4.36 am, my iPad pro is coming in a few hours.. and I realised I might have ordered the wrong pencil 😭🤦‍♀️ I'm still excited 😂

  2. fairskyze

    Just bought the 12.9 and am considering exchanging it for the 11. First of all, I have small hands and sometimes they hurt, so this is harder to grasp and is heavier than my previous smaller iPad. The 12.9 is pretty big! I think the 11 will be fine for viewing sheet music and hopefully good for drawing
    . My iMac laptop is about to bite the dust, however, so I’m vacillating on whether I should use this 12.9 to replace the laptop, or just buy another laptop. Argh, decisions, decisions!

  3. Kim Ebina

    Idk why people complain of the price yet they buy 1,000 dollar phones that don’t even do half of what u can do with this tablet 😗
    P.s : this comes from someone who bought a 1,000 phone and now regrets it and wished I would of bought a tablet instead 😅

  4. Nena Kristina

    So even with photo editing and video editing would u still recommend the 11”? I can’t decide from my couch. I jus want to photo and video edit mostly and notes. I would like to multitask with YouTube vid playing on one side and doing things on the other side. I want portability and ease in holding it. But I don’t want to get it and feel like it’s too small. What do u think?

  5. G i s e l l e

    Can someone pls respond to this: I’ve been contemplating on whether I should buy the iPad Pro 3 with the keyboard folio and an Apple Pencil or a MacBook Air. I would use them mainly for writing papers but I’m not sure if the iPad Pro 3 is good for writing papers… but I’m really artsy and I would really love to draw with the Apple Pencil. Anybody have any suggestions?

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