iPad Pro 2020 (11" + 12.9") vs Surface Pro 7 | Which Should YOU Buy?!

Sign up today to get 50% off 6 months for a limited time only! – Choosing the right tablet can be kinda daunting especially if you’re a student with little cash to spare! That’s why in this video I compare the ever-popular iPad Pro 2020 (11″ and 12.9″) to the Surface Pro 7 in order to help you decide which is the right device for your educational or professional workflow!

22 Replies to “iPad Pro 2020 (11" + 12.9") vs Surface Pro 7 | Which Should YOU Buy?!”

  1. Ahilan Hatti

    I do think the surface pro 7 is a very good tablet because it has a desktop operating system, unlike iPadOS/iOS, and that’s a big problem for the iPad.

  2. Will Buschmann

    Only reason why I’ll never use a windows device, the 3000 random updates it does. Like seriously. My partners windows laptop does nothing but update itself. Apple all the way.

  3. Mahdi chabbi

    Get a Xbox it has google and you have a phone u can use even on adventures if you want a Xbox and iPad and iPhone or the other way iPhone or Xbox or iPad or iPhone

  4. LK

    I had an surface pro 4. I loved it but the keyboard stopped working. The Bluetooth was so unreliable. MS pretended they never heard of the issue.

  5. J K

    comparing mAh is about the dumbest thing you can do. the surface runs on a 7,6 volt battery, that makes the capacity 45 Watt hours. the iPad runs on a 3,7 volt battery wich makes the capacity 33,9 watt hours.
    the capacity is way lower, it's just the surface battery management that makes it garbage.

  6. Ryan

    It’s not the ARM processor that’s more efficient than the Intel processor. Apple is first and foremost a software company. It’s the Apple software (iOS and it’s framework) that makes the iPad more battery efficient, faster, and more optimized in almost technical aspect.

  7. Nancy Aguiar

    I have an iPad Pro 9.7. I think that instead of upgrading (since mine it’s still awesome)I’ll just get the surface pro. My husband has the Surface pro 4 and it is really powerful.

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