iPad Pro 2020 11" vs 12.9" – Was I Wrong?

The 11″ iPad Pro and 12.9″ iPad Pro are devices that may seem similar in overall size, but are very different. This is my full size comparison between the iPad Pro sizes. Paperlike for iPad: (thanks to Paperlike for sponsoring this video!)

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iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ size mockups for you to print out and see which iPad Pro size is right for you. They are pretty much the exact size of the iPads, as long as you print these out on 11×17″ tabloid paper:

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21 Replies to “iPad Pro 2020 11" vs 12.9" – Was I Wrong?”

  1. Zeke vela

    Just bought the IPad Pro 12.9 with Magic keyboard and pen and all three items are nice and premium but they do have there cons. For long hours of portability IPad doesn’t make any sense its to big and heavy, very uncomfortable to carry and use. Magic keyboard very nice and premium but its use is very limited and for the price it lacks engineering you can’t’ use the tablet in landscape mode, etc. IPad 11in looks more fun to use and have at a better price. I will be considering the Ipad 11 or the Samsung S7 for my next tablet!

  2. kanehi

    I just bought the iPad Pro 11 with cellular and I mainly use it for reading the news, watching videos and Facebook. I have an iPad Air 2 with cellular and used it as a GPS when I travelled. For a 12 inch might as well get a laptop such as the 13 inch Mac Books.

  3. Ming Luke

    I just got my 12.9 inches to work on illustration because I'm an artist. 11 inches is more suitable for general use like taking notes office work. If so why not choose an ipad air 2020 which is cheaper.

  4. Fat Loss Solutions Inc.

    I've been using my 12.9 for 2 weeks now and here is where I'm at with it. Since it's not a laptop and I prefer to use it while chilling on the couch, in bed, etc. it's simply too big for that. It's too big to manage with one hand while swiping with the other unless you set it on the table like a laptop. I think if you want to use it like a laptop (which is what most people are doing, they're using it as a laptop replacement) then the 12.9 is probably great as it's more versatile with the pencil, but if you're going to use it as a notebook to jut things down, watch youtube on, etc. I'd recommend the 11… I may have to exchange mine while I have time.

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