iPad Pro 2020 12.9" Unboxing | My New BEAST Daily Driver!

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No I did not forget about the iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch! In fact this device is going to replace my daily drive iPad Pro 2018 12.9″ as I love the form-factor so much for note taking and general usage. In this video I unbox this beast of a tablet, talk about its familiar design, display, new camera module and capabilities, processor (A12Z) and talk about who should potentially upgrade to it!

46 Replies to “iPad Pro 2020 12.9" Unboxing | My New BEAST Daily Driver!”

  1. Gergely Dr. Milosevits

    It has the SAME screen, battery and processor as the 2018 model and a useless lidar sensor that 99% of people never use. It's only ever a good choice if you don't plan on upgrading from the previous model, which is already a great and almost perfect ipad.

  2. TrueKomma

    “iPad Entry.”
    Why? because I love taking notes and drawing and I wanna keep them all in one place and reduce waste. let's save trees !!! <3

  3. Beauty Neytiri

    can you maybe tell me if there's a way to make games that arent full screen on these ipad's full screen anyway ?
    i'm so annoyed by the fact that there is a black bar all around the screen in most games on these new ipad's… like what the heck, just because they have these rounded corners ???
    thats messed up !

  4. Roray Husky 1988 in Bangla

    I heard the iPad 12.9" pro is an amazing device when it ordered it today on contract I ordered it for my video being I make on iMovie I have a iphone and an android it really difficult to on iphone so why I ordered it

  5. Beauty Neytiri

    can you PLEASE help me out ?
    my new 2020 ipad pro wont find my wireless mouse, while it does find my phone…
    also, the selfie camera quality is extremely bad in the native camera app….
    i RELLY HOPE you can help me out as i purchased this ipad to record and edit my video's…
    i always recorderd my video's with my first gen ipad pro which had great quality… this one should be better in every way, but unfortunatly its not…

  6. Lawa Hamdi

    "Ipad entry"
    Why?: because i have an ipad mini from 2014 en it's slow! And i need a new one for school but,I don't have anough money to buy a new one 🙈 (sorry for my bad English but i'm Dutch 😅)

  7. Tommy Sec

    1- Does the new iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch keyboard work and compatible with the 2019 model? 2- Conclusion, is it not worth the iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020 compared to that of model 12.9 inch 2019 for its price?

  8. Joyce Udan

    Hi, I really would like to win the IPad Pro because I’m in junior high and I’m taking visual art. Winning this iPad can help me because my family can’t afford to buy iPad specially today cause of the virus they don’t have work. I really hope to win the giveaway

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