iPad Pro (2020) Review: The Whole Pro Package

The iPad Pro only received a few small hardware enhancements, yet the device is better than ever. See why iPad Pro is now more about the software, than it is the hardware.
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41 Replies to “iPad Pro (2020) Review: The Whole Pro Package”

  1. JustAThought

    I have a question: 1.) Can you conduct Live-Web (ZOOM) meetings with the reviewed iPad horizontally …WHILE it is being charged…and the camera adjust to the horizontal position?

    Let me explain. I have an older iPad Air 2. I attend class, due to COVID, via ZOOM. My two courses are two hours long, each. Therefore, I must keep the unit plugged in and charging during the duration of both classes. Sadly, however, I cannot use the USB stand (charger) I have purchased because I have to rest my iPad horizontally on the charger. Yet, the iPad’s camera does not adjust to a horizontal view (if it does, please instruct me). So, I look like I am looking off into the distance while I attend class; this is NOT good.

  2. MrProTechHD

    Apple is great at marketing buy the 2017 pro's and the new ones play with them side by side there is 0 difference in display and performance just a design difference obviously that's about it Don't get fooled it has the same 600 nits of brightness , let be real how many of you take your ipad's out of the home and take pictures? 1 in 10,000? compared with the iphones @ 1 in 3

  3. Jen Shaw

    Are the Apple iPad products at risk of explosion/ fire hazard due to poor quality batteries used? I visited the Apple store at the Eaton Centre surrounded by uniformed officers! I was unable to stay long as the iPad Mini was so hot I was concerned about explosion! Everything is charged wirelessly ! No well insulative cables, etc! Is the Eaton Centre a fire hazard? Are they able to provide fire resistant suits to borrow in addition to the mask?

  4. Sam Alexander

    I started my YouTube channel with my iPad Pro 2018, I film everything with the ipad, use its mics, then edit the footage with lumafusion and make the thumbnails on the iPad. its not perfect, I want to get a camera, but until I can afford all the other gear, the iPad allows me to actually create things, and I love it. I honestly think its one of the best tools than a creator trying to get a start could have.

  5. Paul Smile

    Great Review . The new iPad are nice . I’m more of a designer than artist, I've used a few XP-Pen drawing tablets, including Artist monitors .

    I've been looking for portable device that works well for sketching and illustration as well as media consumption and fun.

    iPad Pro combined with the pencil looks quite promising so far.

  6. Debbie

    Would you recommend this, 2018 iPad pro or a MacBook for a student (medic)? I want to know if it’ll be as effective as having a laptop for a student?

  7. Rex Pearson

    All that extra ram is great and everything……but can it keep a safari page open in the background without having to reload it….if you have an iPad you know what I’m talking about 😉

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