IPAD PRO 2020 UNBOXING + ACCESSORIES (iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020)

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Thank you guys so much for watching! Here are the links to everything I mentioned in this video!


iPad Case:


iPad Paperlike Screen protector:

iPad USB C Adaptor:

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44 Replies to “IPAD PRO 2020 UNBOXING + ACCESSORIES (iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020)”

  1. Emely L

    I’m saving money for MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro. But I’m more excited for the MacBook Pro but I can’t stop watching MacBook Pro and iPad Pro unboxing videos!
    I hope you guys save up work hard and spoil yourself ☺️

  2. AveryLynn Keuter

    I’m currently trying to save up for one but with corona and everything I have to do like 50 chores per week but I’m almost there!!!I can’t wait to get mine😁👍🏻

  3. Lakshita Mohanty

    I am a sophomore in mechanical dept and my father recently ordered an iPad for me, its the iPad Pro. I'm so excited that I ended up watching unboxing videos lol. It'll arrive mid-November!

  4. msjuicy ツ

    A screen protector and a case with a cover damn lol extra protections. I’m still on iPad mini one, never got a screen protector and not one scratch 😂 I kinda need a new one it’s so slow and bigger might be best to watch movies..

  5. thxrnybts

    Im trying to save to buy one but idk which to get and with the new iPad that’s coming out with all those colors but I also really like big screens

  6. Ally McDace

    I am not getting the iPad Pro.. but I’m getting the new iPad Air 4th generation in December and I’m sooo exited! Ahhhh, and please don’t call me spoiled because I’m using my own money for it and it’ll help me with school ☺️

  7. GG Boss

    Finally a video with commentary instead of those stupid little subtitles like most other iPad unboxings have. Also, I’m thinking of buying an iPad soon! Do you think is 12.9 too big ?

  8. Alara

    I don't know if its true but a lot of people are saying that when you buy the screen protector that is like paper it deteriorates the tip of your stylist faster.

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