iPad Pro & New 2018 iPad – Awesome TIPS & TRICKS! (That You Aren't Using)

In this video I will give you some tips and tricks for your iPad Pro as well as your new 2018 iPad, wherever you may own.

These amazing multi-tasking tips and tricks apply to all iPad Models running iOS 11 or later.

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44 Replies to “iPad Pro & New 2018 iPad – Awesome TIPS & TRICKS! (That You Aren't Using)”

  1. Bill Gray

    Hi Great video. Do you know if you can adjust the volume of the iPad by half, instead of a full bar, when listening to something through headphones? Sometimes I find one press makes of the side buttons it too loud or too soft. I have heard that you can do this but I can not find any info.. Thank you 🙂

  2. Jicky yy

    If you’re watching on an iPad Pro rn, I have to share something I found on accident. If you put your video in full screen then hold the middle and drag towards any corner of the screen, you can take a screenshot

  3. Juanita Ortiz

    I think I finally found someone that may be able to help me. So when I go say to amozon via chrome or Google and I search for an item, everything is so small including the font and the item I am viewing. I want to be able to read without having to zoom in and out. Help!!!

  4. Germaine Leger

    I have been using multitasking for a few months now but I still learned something new by watching your video. Your explanations are very clear and easy to follow. I don’t usually comment but I need to say « Thanks for this great video! »

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