iPad Tips & Tricks with iOS 11: Guide to the best new features

Our tips and tricks guide for Apple’s iPad shows the best new features added by iOS 11.

Heading into 2018, the iPad now offers a truly satisfying user experience. Apple’s iOS 11 update has added some great new features, including the apps dock, proper split-screen multi-tasking, drag and drop support, the Files app and plenty more besides.

Our iPad tips and tricks guide with iOS 11 reveals how to use these new features, whether you’re rocking an iPad Pro, Air or standard iPad.

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Tips and tricks playlist

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8 Replies to “iPad Tips & Tricks with iOS 11: Guide to the best new features”

  1. justaman

    Its nice to see iPads are becoming Laptop replacements slowly but surely. If Apple keeps bringing more features like such in iOS 12 for iPads, I might ditch carrying my laptop which will be a good thing.

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