iPhone 11 Pro Max 10 Months Later – A Love-Hate Relationship!

iPhone 11 Pro Max 10 months later in 2020 – a love-hate relationship! Download iMazing here: Discount Code: THISISE30OFF Valid until iOS14’s public release. Thanks to iMazing for sponsoring this video!
I’ve been using the 6.5″ iPhone 11 Pro Max since it came out and I couldn’t find a reason to replace it with anything else 10 months later in 2020. The main reasons that make me love specifically the iPhone 11 Pro Max are the same reasons I hate this phone. I’ll give you an example. The iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $1250 and although the display is presumably tougher, it scratches like crazy. If it was an iPhone SE that costs the fraction of the price, I would be OK with that fact. I admire the 6.5″ display on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, however, because it is great for consuming all sorts of content. All the latest iPhones have great battery lives as well, but the 11 Pro Max is the kind and that is another reason I adore this phone.

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00:00 Intro
01:08 Design & Weight
02:17 Display
02:58 Lightning Port
03:56 Front Glass
04:37 Cameras
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06:52 Conclusion

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  1. Guriqbal Mahal

    Ridiculous video production. I watch many and you will be one of the best thanks to quality to production & well thought written content rather than sheep content

  2. Wasim Ahmed

    Hi , I'm currently using the Samsung galaxy s9 and have been for the last 2 years and previously always been an android user. Im interested in the iPhone 11 Pro max as the price has gone down slightly. Do you think I should wait for the iPhone 12 or just save my money and buy the iPhone 11 Pro max?

    Keep up the grate work

  3. Oniel Melendez

    It's always a pleasure watching your posts! Quality content, quality production, even your video sponsor is something alot of people like myself is looking for at the moment.

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    Amazing editing bro!

    Nice to see fellow Eastern Europeans creating such great content.

    You just gained a new subscriber

    Keep it up!

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