iPhone 11 Pro Max – First 11 Things to Do!

iPhone 11 Pro Max – First 11 Things to Do!

Here are some awesome tips & essential things do you on your brand new iPhone 11 running iOS 13!

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48 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max – First 11 Things to Do!”

  1. Emylee Martin

    I have only 5 gb of iCloud storage and I got told in order to transfer my thing from one phone to another I needed to buy more of it because I don’t have enough space is that right or can I do what he did

  2. David LaFaver

    Can you do a detailed video on transferring all data from one phone to another? I'm getting the 11 Pro Max on Monday and will need to transfer everything from my 7plus on 13.3 to the new phone on 13.5. Thanks!

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