iPhone 11 Pro Max review: I like it.

Read the review: | We reviewed the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and came away thinking Google needs to step up its game.

Wallpaper via Bryan Minear: bryanminear.com

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39 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max review: I like it.”

  1. soloman sonu

    brother I want to buy iPhone for the first time. Because im android user for 10 years. And I want to try iPhone
    So can you suggest me that should I buy iphone 11 pro max now or I will buy after the launch of iphone 12.

  2. Rob Sanders

    My last iPhone was the 7Plus. I have a Galaxy S10 plus and recently got a iPhone 11 Pro Max. The build quality is truly amazing compared to the Galaxy. Yeah the Galaxy has a better screen and more features but to be honest Apple just seems way better, just don't drop it…

  3. Devon Breezee

    I’m a huge Apple sheep but I completely respect your opinion, I love how even being an android user, you’re giving a fair, honest look at a competitor’s phone and having so many good things to say. I think the war between iOS and Android is dumb, it’s a phone, pick what you like and move on😁

  4. The Tech Librarian

    I prefer Android it's the better OS in 2020 iOS is stuck in 2010. But they did do the pro max really well. I always carry 2 phones one Android and one iOS device and this has quickly become my favorite phone. Apple finally put a battery big enough for a modern phone inside, I couldn't imagine what a 5000mah battery would do for run time. And I have to give it to them the cpus are fantastic, I just wish there was more you could do with all that power. I could give you a list of 10 tasks and I can do them faster on a Android device, even if that phone scored lower on geekbench. The software supports the bigger sizes screen

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