iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S20+ In-Depth Review | Which Phone is Better?

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S20+ In-Depth Review | Which Phone is Better?

The battle of the two biggest names in smartphones right now is here! This video will pit the best of iOS against the best of Samsung (and Android?) to see which smartphone is better. We’ll cover all of the specs and features including design, displays, battery life and of course cameras to see which one is the champion. Let me know which one you think is best down below!

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– Design / build: 1:31
– Storage: 3:21
– Speakers: 4:19
– Face ID / fingerprint scanner: 6:01
– Displays: 7:36
– Battery / charging: 10:05
– Cameras (wide): 11:16
– Cameras (ultra wide): 12:50
– Cameras (tele): 13:53
– Cameras (night mode): 15:38
– Cameras (video): 16:55
– Front camera: 18:26
– Cameras (portrait mode): 20:26
– Camera summary: 21:43
– Performance / software: 23:19
– Prices / 5G: 25:35
– Summary / conclusions: 27:12

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41 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S20+ In-Depth Review | Which Phone is Better?”

  1. Mert Ahmet Katırcı

    Hi, I have a quick question. My region gets the exynos version of the S20+ and I am planning on recording lots of videos with both the rear main sensor and the selfie camera. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is about 300 dollars more than the Samsung due to taxes etc. Do you think the iPhone takes that much better videos than the S20 or it doesn't justify that much of a premium? Also, do you know if it's possible to dial down the sharpening in the videos of Samsung in Premiere Pro? Thanks in advance!

  2. Praveen Kumar

    Nice comparison and in depth review about these smart phones. I am a galaxy user for a very long time and s20+ has been really best compared to the iPhone 11 ( used by a friend).

  3. jonah

    Great job on the video…. just got the S20+ for $640 (Oct 23) here in the States , almost half the price when it first came out.

  4. Gina Z.

    Very nice detailed comparison of both phones. For me when it came time to upgrade I faced a choice of 11 pro max or S20+. I went with the latter. Don't believe I'll ever go back to ios but never say never. I'm extremely happy with my S20+

  5. Travis Walls

    I don’t usually care about the differences between cameras in various phones, but this comparison did a great job breaking it down. It has changed how I look at photos from these two devices.

  6. kaihtheloner

    I have an iPhone X and was planning to upgrade to the 11 Pro Max but the base model with 64GB storage costs almost $1600 in my country. So I bought the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus at $436 (during a sale) as an upgrade for my secondary Android (Oppo Reno 10x Zoom)

  7. Ryan Walker

    Awesome Objective review! I'm definitely subscribing. I'm getting the S20+. Iphones are great but the S20+ is simply a better-looking phone with equal or better specs in some areas. I also prefer the Android ecosystem. It's way more versatile. I have a Galaxy watch active 2 and I love it. This will go well with the S20+.


    as a samsung s20+ user i can't recommend that bcz after using for 7 months.. it heats up a lot when u use it heavily for camera … for gaming ….. or lot call time …. i think its … due to Exynos processor the same phone with sd865 is the best of all

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