iPhone 11 Pro Review: 6 Months Later!

iPhone 11 Pro plus iPhone 12 thoughts. I was wrong about 3D Touch!
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41 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Review: 6 Months Later!”

  1. KingHenry

    Waiting for the iphone 13 so the 11 pro will drop in price and make my move there. Not gonna spend $700+ on a phone. I'd rather upgrade my PC parts for that amount. (Still rocking that 6S haha) When it gets down to $500 that's the time for me

  2. sean wee

    does anyone's iphone 11 pro photos are blurry until it is zoomed in? like every single photo.
    comment down below if you have any solutions, thanks

  3. Oscar Wong

    I have a 6s bought in 2016. Man still this phone is super responsive and fast after 4 years of moderately heavy use. Kudoos to Apple for that !

  4. Peter Ernst

    I like this phone a lot, but I admit I always use a case. I have no scratches so far after 4 months. 😎😍 it's also more than fast enough and doesn't really slow down over time. Camera is excellent.

  5. Aeon Conrad

    i’ve had an iphone 11 pro for about two weeks now and i don’t regret choosing it over the iphone 12 pro. i just like the smaller size and the rounded corners. maybe i’ll kinda regret not having 5g in a couple years time but that’s really it—loving this phone so far.

  6. L . O . R

    People just need to learn how to settle down. There’s always going to be a better phone someday but if yours now is doing you good. Just hold onto it. ✌🏼 Peace out.

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