iPhone 11 Pro vs. Huawei P30 Pro: ULTIMATE Camera Comparison

The P30 Pro arguably had the best camera on any phone when it launched — but that was 6 months ago. Apple now has 3 new iPhones, headed by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Can Apple reclaim its camera crown? Catch the full camera comparison, right here on CNET.

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33 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro vs. Huawei P30 Pro: ULTIMATE Camera Comparison”

  1. CNET

    So the iPhone won this year. But there have been other years where it didn't, we promise! Which phone did you think was better and why? And btw, what other comparisons would you guys like to see us do next?

  2. Lina AwadallaIskander

    You can adjust how much light you need on Huawei night mode shots. Sorry, that does make this review unfair and untrue.
    The picture in 2:07 is blurry look at the blur on their hands and the cups, even their faces are blurry. Same goes for 2:19 she is blurred (look at how much blur on her and her dress's Pattern)
    Some pics on Huawei's Dynamic Range is better, rarely goes for the iPhone. Looking at skin comparison Huawei looks better.

    Same goes for Colors in all picture. And all of that is because Apple 11 lineup are overly saturating all colors in pictures (Color Science look so ugly and there is no need to compare that is why I detest the 11 lineup). The XS Max is better because for it true tune colors than all 11 lineup, Apple needs to stick to the XS Max Colors.

  3. Dream Crusher

    P30 pro has a great camera fast processor better ram better rom can beat any phone or more preferable and one more thing it is less in cost as well. I am using this phone Huawei P,30 pro since year yes it is quite remarkable at many aspects.

  4. Cody Williams

    If a person removes the fanboyism, it breaks down to this: outdoor day time photos: winner is apple. Outdoor nighttime photos: winner is Huawei. If indoor: Huawei. If zoomed: Huawei. For the record, I have an iphone 7 and a p30 pro

  5. Echo

    tbh.. while looking at the photo-comparision in the video i thought both smartphones seemed fine
    and then.. looking at the price.. the iphone is ~1000€ (thats the same price as a high end gamer computer btw) while huawei goes for under 500€
    huawei wins

  6. ohdavee

    When you select people to do your videos, please have someone that doesn't have a speech impediment to do them.
    Came for the content, left within first 10 seconds as I had a hard time understanding what he's saying, and also lisping is super annoying

  7. Jhai Ryne

    disappointed with huawei p30 pro, after months of using it won’t open and the night mode doesn’t work. customer support? such a let down, rude and won’t listen unless you buy. now, i’m using iphone, and it works very well and it’s still working. apple center will also help with your inqueries. just base on my experience.

  8. robertson Patrickson

    i was in grand canyon with both phones, the huawei 40 mp lens was on part with the iphone 12 MP lens and iphone 12 x2 zoom captured more detail in many situations. huawei had more pixels but many did not show and the 12 megapx of the iphone did better. i was quite surprised. i may get the huawei p40 pro to compare

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