iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro – Which Should You Choose?

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide if iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, size, and much more. #iphone11 #iphone12 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Price and Storage options
01:14 – Colors
01:36 – Build and materials
01:49 – Weight
03:12 – Size comparison
03:31 – Glass
04:08 – Displays
05:00 – FaceID
05:11 – CPU and specs
05:32 – Speed comparison
06:21 – Exporting 4K video
08:31 – Camera Specs
09:44 – Camera Comparison
12:10 – Battery life
12:52 – MagSafe
13:19 – 5G and Qualcomm modems
14:39 – Water Resistance and IP ratings
15:12 – Which should you choose?
16:39 – Wallpaper
16:54 – Outro
17:14 – End

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49 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro – Which Should You Choose?”

  1. 2Jurkie

    Great clip of comparing these 2 phones. I have the 11 pro and indeed I also can not see a good reason to upgrade to the 12. Funny thing is we are talking about phones, maybe we should start talking about camera’s with inbuilt phones…..

  2. ahmed

    Most people don't upgrade their phones until after 3 or 4 years who has a phone 11 pro He will often wait iphone 14 pro or iphone 15 pro

  3. lhvjr12

    Def sticking with the 11 Pro. The 12 just doesn't seem to make sense, especially from a battery life perspective. Thanks for the video, this helped me a ton.

  4. Breyyn R

    iPhone 11 Pro –> iPhone 12 Pro –> iPhone 11 Pro

    There isn't enough to justify the upgrade, as you proved there is barely any difference in the devices. The biggest fault is Apple's step back in battery life, they did so well with the 11 series in regards to battery life and took a step back with the 12 series. The estimations & comparisons on their website is just that – an estimation. For the average consumer it makes sense to get an older model and enjoy the savings!

  5. tea čaj

    A super review, helped me with all iPhone confusion.
    Right now I want to migrate from 6s and there is just too much options and the differences are not efficiently presented.
    Looking something for abowe power user, with aim to make professional photos and videos,so I guess both would be fine…
    But I prefer the design of 11 and I am wondering can you zoom in/out meanwhile on 11pro too, or is this just an option on 12pro? 🧐

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