iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS Camera Test: Night Mode is CRAZY!

Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro Max is similar in design to the previous-generation iPhone XS Max, with the exception of a significantly upgraded camera system.

In our latest YouTube video, we went hands-on with the triple-lens camera in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and compared it to the dual-lens camera in the iPhone XS Max to see just how much of an upgrade it is.

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30 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS Camera Test: Night Mode is CRAZY!”

  1. Adib Bro

    Nightmood is not a big fact. After capturing the photo, Go to Snapseed then select "Styles" then select "Morning" effect. You'll see no difference between iphone 11 pro nightmode and iphone xs max edited photo.

  2. SuperDuty Zack

    I use a night mode app and it takes good night shots. With editing i have some really good shots. Iphone 12 better have a great night mode or I’m switching to the Next pixel.

  3. Michelle Marron

    im sorry but you make it seem like there’s almost no difference except for night mode. however i’ve seen videos where the difference was much bigger so for anyone thinking about which phone to get i suggest you watch a few other videos too

  4. s w

    I got the new iPhone 11 pro max it is well worth it. You can take pictures way better than you can even see. Literally night mode insane. You have to play around to understand how to use it. Amazing though

  5. Tony A

    My phone 11 Camera is good in good lighting night in night mode makes it better at night but the camcorder during night time even with the flash on my videos look grainy is hell is that normal in low light?

  6. XAlienPresident1.1X 1,000

    Well the iPhone 11 Pro with its Super Retina XDR display that can go up to 1,200 nits of brightness when viewing what Apple calls Extreme Dynamic Range content or just HDR should look better than the XS Max supposedly

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