iPhone 11 Pro vs. Nokia 9 PureView

Apple – It just works?


0:00:12 Specs
0:00:43 Daylight
0:04:04 Lowlight
0:07:26 2x zoom – daylight
0:09:09 2x zoom – lowlight
0:10:57 My conclusion

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37 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro vs. Nokia 9 PureView”

  1. Firdaus Hidayatullah

    Nokia 9's white balance is kinda off at some scenario, somehow it feels like watching horror movie

    They offering their RAW photo for further photo processing tho, would be hard for casual user

  2. Sanchi Singh

    Iphone is increasing the colour contrast and has a slight blur in its pics (removing the flaws), which makes the pics look more bright and beautiful. Nokia 9PV pics have more clarity and the colours are closer to reality.
    So basically apple is editing the pics, which can be done later with the nokia pics acc to personal preferences.

  3. AYM W

    Thanks for waking me up, Man….. iPhone Pro Max 11 cost around $1,100 US dollars, For the camera feature I will choose the $449 Nokia PureView.

  4. Deyvid Dimitrov

    Can we talk about the amazing dynamic range of this Nokia, like I never use my phone to take photos as I prefer to have full control and use DSLR but if you're on the move, this is incredible. Plus it shoots in RAW without you having to use external apps which do that. For the price I wouldn't expect the phone to do much more than take photos and make calls tbh

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