iPhone 11 UNBOXING + Set Up!

Hey there!

So… it’s that time again that I get a new phone! Since you guys enjoy unboxing videos so much, I thought I’ll unbox and set up my new phone with you. I spent over 2 hours in frustration trying to set it up and it really kinda put me off the whole process… am I the only one? Anyhooo, I hope you enjoy watching!

Jodie xoxo
PS If you got this far, comment below what phone you guys use!
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36 Replies to “iPhone 11 UNBOXING + Set Up!”

  1. Gaia Chabbi

    i ordered the same exact phone that she shows in the video, and i've been watching SO MANY video unboxing that now i want it to arrive as fast as possible!! btw you're gorgeous girl xx

  2. Jennie Kim

    i got my iphone 11 and I REALLY GOTTA TRY AND LOG INTO MY TIKTOK AND MY INSTAGRAM WHICH I FIRGOT BOTH PASSWORDS but yeah ill figure it out 🌝

  3. Carol Giglione

    I cant be the only one that watches phone unboxing when their about to get their phone 😂 I'm getting my iphone 11 white on the mail tomorrow and I keep watching these vids

  4. Peaxchy Cream

    Hi! So I told my mom to get me iPhone 11 purple or white one on my BDAY, so I wanted to ask you or someone who sees this comment:
    So when you sign in for the setup from the old phone to the new phone does it log in to my icloud acc too?

  5. Janaa

    Im using an iphone 6 hand me down and now for my bday my cousins getting me an Iphone 11 and I can assume that I will be as confused as you were when you set it up lmaoo

  6. עומר ורטה

    Do you know if it is possible to connect a Shiomi phone type to an iPhone 11? (That it will transfer all things to the new iPhone from the Xiaomi) Do you know if it is possible?

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