iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro EMUI 10 Camera Comparison!

The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone 11 and the Huawei P30 Pro running EMUI 10! The video includes daytime and night time video samples, daytime and night time pictures including portrait mode pictures and pictures taken with the ultra-wide lenses! You can also check out some saple selfies towards the end of the video!
What phone do you think is better? The iPhone 11 or the Huawei P30 Pro?

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30 Replies to “iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro EMUI 10 Camera Comparison!”

  1. Lisbeth Johannsen

    Excellent comparison! Just what I was looking for. My Huawei p30 pro still put too much yellow in the pictures – did I miss out on an update? Anyway, I think the Iphone has better contrast but of course the high pixel cameras and the objective zoom is nice for the Huawei.

  2. Andrey Sun

    Отличное видео, спасибо!
    Мне одному кажется, что Alex_redskull – это на самом деле Лёха_Redskull? Ну или Саня 😀

  3. ودع قلبك و انساه

    Edge detection, color acurracy and zoom are all better on the p30 pro even if iphone 11 pictures look better they look unnatural and the more natural the better cause you can always edit those pics and after emui 10 update the video recording is not better but its much better than on emui 9 i think p30 pro is the clear winner thanks for the video Alex ❤️

  4. Ju Dith

    OMG.. please help me.. I’m confused choose between Iphone or Huawei p30 pro.. I want to have hanphone that can be used in a long time.. which i should to buy???

  5. Mihai Flamandu'

    Guys, use the Pro mode and set the ISO on highest (400k), on Huawei p30 pro. Use the 10mp resolution with the main camera to be able to use the 400k ISO.Use it like that on fully darkness (only a weak candle or something like that doing a little light) and compare it to the iPhone 11.

  6. moh yasin

    For night mood still p30 pro is looking batter and as you said videos and sound quality is good but EMUI 10 brings lots of perblom in device too

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