iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro VS Pixel 4 Camera Comparison!

The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone 11, the Pixel 4 and the Huawei P30 Pro.
This video includes daytime and night time pictures, portrait mode pictures, selfies and of course daytime and night time sample videos!

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iPhone 11 vs Huawei p30 Pro vs Pixel 4 Comparison

43 Replies to “iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro VS Pixel 4 Camera Comparison!”

  1. VINAY T

    P30 pro will be my first and last huawei device. The night time and zoom are good, but most of the time we dont use them. The day time photos are crap. If I zoom into the faces of the people they dont have a smooth finish but instead the skin looks pixelated+blistered. Even my sister's samsung s8+ takes better pictures. I thought this was a problem with my unit, but no. When I take in potrait modes, the photos come extremely well without that pixelated+blistered effect, if I switch it off its crap. I have tried AI off/on without much luck.

  2. badajoz711

    Nice video, thanks! I'm new to the channel, so sorry for maybe asking a question you may have answered a thousand times 😉 in which city do you live? It's very nice!

  3. l l

    Dont think there is a winner cause they all have their points of strength, iphone is best at shooting videos, p30 pro is best at zoom, edge detection and night photos and i think the pixel 4 has the least going to it cause it just has the "pixel look" if you know what i mean.

  4. Yazid Knopfler

    but if u want to rly use 100% of every phone u need to use Hdr/Pro mode on P30 pro cuz i's unfair to use only one mode the huawei camera is the best cuz of it's versitality 100% ou fe high tech users don't do this like the LG v50/60 on video he's the best but with pro mode u need to push every phone to it's Max to have a real comparaison or detail the title like p30 v p4xl normal mode comparaison im saying cuz yesterday i was trying pro mode on my mate 20 and i had a shots way better than his own night mode

  5. Rodney Just

    Interesting, almost all accounts of video showed the Pixel looking more stable IMO and the 4 killed the others in Audio!! Pictures the 11 and 4 traded blows with more 11 shots winning, but barely…..the selfies and portraits were easily the 4 IMO! WITH portraits, a tad more brightness on the 4 (2 second adjustment) and you have a clear winner because of the accuracy of the cut-out, where the 11 misses more (loss of an ear, some hair, etc…). What we want to see is the ZOOM picture comparison!! Thanks for the video, great work!! 🙂

  6. R Hadid

    I just bought P30 Pro, and now I see it with my own eyes that everytime someone says if P30 Pro isn't better than iPhone 11 Pro or Pixel 4 or S10+ (in images not video), I can tell that they're just not a fan of the colour style in P30 Pro. My P30 Pro runs Android 10 with EMUI 10 and takes pictures greatly.

  7. Sas

    Is the P30 Pro video sound quality so much better just because it was held in the middle? The iPhone is louder in my left speaker and Pixel on the right

  8. Johnny TSAO

    Iphone 11 and Pixel 4 are great but for me the huawei p30 pro can compete with them in my opinion in term of photography. The pictures from huawei have good details, sharp. The main weakness is only the unconsistent colors in some situations

  9. Kaito Kid

    i personly dont like iphone because its a rich snob phone and expensive piece plastic but it is a quality product and the no1 phone BUT (not worth money)

  10. Skyjade316

    I have the P30 (non pro ele-l29) and the iPhone 11. Only thing the iPhone does better is video stabilization and portrait but P30 does much better in the rest of the categories hands down.
    The P30 PRO is much better than the iPhone 11 PRO in almost every scenario.

  11. Gustavo Lima

    Right now I'm using pixel 3a and have blowmind photos but the battery is suck… My doubt is p30 or iPhone 11 to use as principal phone… Thanks from Brazil

  12. Dirk Schornstein

    Great video, thanks a lot! I am just trying to decide between an iPhone 11 and the Huawei P30. Your video convinced me: the iPhone is the way to go for me.
    One thing: I think in future comparisons when doing video: you should try and record a "speaking object" and have a conversation. When you speak while filming, you will notice the sound on the iPhone is kind of muffled. While the P30 and the Pixel have a very clear and loud cameraman. That's because the iPhone focusses the sound on the filmed object rather than the cameraman. I personally think that's far better – I want the sound from the filmed object, not from the cameraman.

  13. halfkoreanboy

    Wow Pixel 4 is looking the best in everything imo. I cant wait till mine gets here soon. I have the P30 Pro and it seemed like it had a better camera out of the box,but after a few updates the quality is not as good as it was and i dont praise it like i did before. I now use my Pixel 3 XL but i have a smaller pixel 4 on the way.

  14. W B

    P30 pro is the best of the bunch. It won't be consistent because it's using ai to adjust each photo.
    The level of detail on the p30 pro blows the other two away.

  15. Chazas

    Pixel as always look so much closer to a DSLR. Still kind of mindblowing, the detail, the colors and depth of field, without any fake sharpening or color grading.

  16. Viewtolove

    P30 Pro couldn’t compete, but at least the grass doesn’t become radioactive green like in my P20 pro. In this case the greenery of the iPhone is too saturated and it has a yellow overcast on it, for people I like the warmth but nature looks too fake, the greens, I do like the brighter exposure of the iPhone. Overall the Pixel 4 does the best, not too bright, not too dark and the more real natural colours, also much more detail in dark mode, so for me Pixel 4 is the best!

  17. Mark Awachie

    Wow the P30 Pro mic 🎙 is superb.
    The iPhone details, dynamic range and exposure are top notch.
    The Pixel has good texture and night mode performance.

  18. gigamoment

    Thank you Alex. Please also do a **Pixel 3a XL vs Pixel 4 XL**. Given that the Pixel 3a XL is half the price, and making sure it runs the newest camera update (google camera 7.2) it will be very interesting to see the results!

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