iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 | Camera Test

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27 Replies to “iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 | Camera Test”

  1. barcavis

    The 11 pro max looked better to my eyes than the other two in most of day time photos except in night time Portrait (which i think I won’t use) wow

  2. Sean Irick

    Ok one very important ? I have is, even tho the 12 pro is better images and video my ? Is is it even noticable when viewing on the phone itself since the screen resolution is the same? I can see the difference alot more if viewing on a large monitor.

  3. W. Denson

    Everyone: Iphone 11 pro max is the best
    Youtubers: the more expensive is always the best
    Truth: The iphone 11 pro max is the best….. Fuck Apple DOGE COIN to the moon!

  4. george cousins

    After watching this I will stick with my iPhone 11 promax as the 12 Pro Max is not that much of a leap forward. However I may buy the 13 Pro Max just to experience 5G and if there are other notable improvements that interest me. Thanks for all the comparisons, it helps to make good decisions. Do you have a friend in Columbus Ohio USA!

  5. Randy Porter

    Now THIS is a great comparison video ! I personally liked many of the "12" pics better than the 12 PM.. I have a number of DSLR cameras, so I get the trade offs in photography. But these phones definitely create a dilemma. I'm getting a choice of either two 11 or 12 (pro or pro max) phones (long story), but I have to decide, taking in all features and considerations. It seemed an easy choice, but it hasn't been that simple after all. This video really helps (and hurts) lol! Thank you for the extensive work done on this and my compliments on your beautiful "selfie" model lol! Seriously, thank you Irina, great video !

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