iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Apple’s best, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is finally here, but how does it stack up against last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max? Is the jump in camera technology just marketing jargon or are the differences actually noticeable? Let’s break down the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max!

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-iPhone 12 Pro Max Specs-
Display: 6.7”, Super Retina XDR Display technology
Ceramic Shield
Processor: A14 Bionic
15W Wireless Charging
Camera Front: TrueDepth Camera
Camera Rear:
12MP Ultra-wide
12MP Wide F.16 (new)
12MP Telephoto
Colors: Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific blue
Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Price: $1099 (Starting)

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31 Replies to “iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max”

  1. Callan George

    The iphone11 pro max has a 6.5 inch display compared the the 6.7 inch in the 12 pro max but still the exact same screen there is very minimal differences between both phones apart from the most obvious which is square vs round edges & 12 pro max is slightly taller but really they are the same phone in most cases

  2. Cali Boy

    Currently Watching This On My " iphone 6s " Cant Wait To Get The iphone 12 Pro Max , Next Month , Thanks For Your Thoughts, Specs, Details

  3. maxroman2010

    I wonder 🤔 what is that you’d like to see in the photos of the 12 pro max, so you’d be able to easily tell that “they are better”. 😄 the 11 pro max in good light is an amazing camera. Even in low light it’s quite good too. 😏 12 pro max just improves in harder scenarios a little bit. Other than that, it’s the same great camera

  4. Ken S

    Right now I think the biggest reason to upgrade is the modem. Intel (11pro) vs Qual (12pro). I have notice a huge signal boost data speed, WiFi, and signal strength

  5. Erin uk admin 46

    I still think the 11 pro max is better so in other words iPhone 12 Pro Max hasn’t got much difference at all the 11 pro max definitely has a better battery life overall

  6. It's Dawson

    I really see no point in comparing these two phones…. If you upgrade annually you will see no difference apart from design but what is the point in upgrading when apple drop a new model…… Morons man!

  7. Epic Tech Fails

    3:10 thumbs down for saying ”REFRESH GREEN”
    You just sent me on a wild goose chase all over Google and I couldn’t find out WTF that is. Even worse, I asked on Quora and nobody there knows either!

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