iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison!

Apple last week released the iPhone 12 Pro, which is being sold alongside the iPhone 12, 12 mini, and 12 Pro Max. The Pro Max has the best camera of the bunch, but since it’s not out yet, we thought we’d take a look at the improvements introduced in the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ and see how camera quality compares to the iPhone 11 Pro.

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34 Replies to “iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison!”

  1. Mysterious _

    I'm not sure if this guy is somewhat biased towards the 12 pro but damn the color looks way nicer on the 11 pro. Especially when he was comparing the HDR(12 pro) vs normal (11 pro) , that HDR was honestly trash.

  2. Pa Pa

    The iPhone 11 Pro takes photos that look real. If you use it for taking photos of faces, skin colors and textures are retained so you can perform editing on them either using IOS or 3rd party software. The iPhone 12 on the other hand over processes images to the extent skins textures are lost, skin colors can look orange and details like eye brow definition are removed which cannot reversed or turned off. I recently bought a 12 Pro as an upgrade but returned it after performing side by side tests with my 11 Pro. The 12 Pro main lens is softer than the 11 Pro's so you will see less sharpness if you print big. 12 Pro photos/portraits can look unnatural and the processing cannot be turned off. Deep Fusion is doing a hell of a lot of processing in the iPhone 12 and it is clearly not refined yet as it gets things wrong in many scenarios.If you can live with this, the 12 Pro is a great bit of hardware spoiled by software. IOS in the iPhone 12 series takes away control and decision making from the user when it comes to the camera. Deep Fusion is deciding how our photos should look, not us. Are Apple over stepping the mark?, I'd say so. I love Apple products, especially the 11 Pro but this will be my last Apple phone if Apple continue down this path of not letting us turn certain features on or off.

  3. F V

    Can you please help me ? There is 2 phones for sale now. Iphone 11 pro 256 gb for $945 & IPhone 12 pro 128 gb for $958 ? I can’t decide. I first wanted 11 pro but for a better price but can’t seem to find at a better price. Thank you in advance

  4. zack chennouf

    I feel like the 12 pro tends to have colder colors which I really don't like… I switched from an iPhone 11 and everything else is a huge improvement but the camera seems to have better, warmer colors on the 11 which really pisses me off

  5. Va Ambond

    Never had Iphone. Samsung blogger here?? Which Iphone I would buy now?
    I'm thinking about 11 Pro but what about the new one in autumn? Will I regret???

  6. Rajasekharan Vichattu

    This video solidifies one fact.
    The best Iphone that you can buy that gives you bang for buck is an OLD iphone.
    I dont see any reason why you need to buy 12 over 11 , unless you are a "Night Owl".

    Sure you can buy 12 when 13 comes out or when iphone 14 releases .

  7. Jeff Taylor

    at 2:10, filmic Pro support tells me this is 2/3 incorrect. Which is it?

    "Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for writing in with that question! The orientation of the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max are as follows. When looking at the back of the phone while holding it in portrait (vertical) orientation:

    Top left camera is the telephoto camera.
    Bottom left is the wide camera.
    Right is the ultra wide camera."

  8. Pogo Mogo

    I have the 11 pro and the phone screen has a yellow tint compared to other phones and the camera is yellow as well and seems to be very grainy which is why I wanna upgrade to 12 pro

  9. vanderslagmulders

    I postponed buying an iPhone last year in hopes of USB-C for this year and a screen that doesn't scratch as easily as the 11 series. So ok, the improvements in lowlight capibility are certainly interesting but the downgrade in battery life is disappointing. One nice bonus of the new 12 series is that the modem appears to perform better in poor reception areas. I ordered the 12 Pro but I'm still in doubts if I'll send it back and switch to the regular 12, which weighs less and has slightly better battery life.

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