iPhone 5S : iOS 12 Final vs iOS 11.4.1 Speed Test (Build 16A366)

The final release of iOS 12 was released to the public today as mentioned by Apple during the keynote. As expected it is identical to the Golden Master that was released last Wednesday right after the keynote.
The footage in this video is identical to the video I already have online on the GM as it is the same version, I have updated the graphics a bit so that”non beta testers” can find it, and watch it.
So if you have already seen the GM version of this video, there is no reason to watch this one again, as it contains the same footage.
Apple did mention the performance increase in iOS 12 several times during the keynote so you would assume that it will out perform iOS 11.4.1.During the Betas it has looked good for iOS 12.

Remember to subscribe, studies show that subscribers iPhones are faster than non-subscribers. Now you know.


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43 Replies to “iPhone 5S : iOS 12 Final vs iOS 11.4.1 Speed Test (Build 16A366)”

  1. iAppleBytes

    This video is a "repack" of the GM video. It was made for normal users that has not been using th Betas or the GM. If you already watched my iOS GM video, you will find the same footage in this one. So no need for you to watch it. FYI The GM is the exact same version that was released today, both come with the same build 16A366.

  2. Amit Kumar

    Does iOS 12 gives an option to disable the artificial slowing down? Which version of iOS should one revert back to avoid artificial slowing down imposed by Apple?

  3. macantonimac

    se abren todas mis apps antes que los dos yo me quedo como estoy que va coo una bala viendo lo que me estais enseñando me quedo con ios 11.4 no la 4.1 esa sabia que esa actualizacion iva a dejar mas lentos los dispositivos apple lo hace a posta para obligarnos a cambiar de sistema y de movil que es lo que quieren apple es quien estropea vuestros dispositivos amigos

  4. OCP Chan

    Thank you for unlocking the full potential back to normal after slowing down phones on purpose, Apple. This is not an improvement, its getting yourself out of trouble next time.

  5. Māris P

    i not dont understand who is better? because i dont see big diference.
    И Кто же лучше? я что то особой разницы не вижу.

  6. Jim Gunning

    In 10 minutes in this video, IOS12 had used 2% more of the battery power than 10.41. I have a real old version of 10 on my 5S and won't let it go until some IOS brings better battery life. What good is faster speed – it's all faster than a human anyway – if you can't be without an electrical outlet for 6 hours ? Mine can last all day if I treat it right. And I know, you can carry spare DC power. I don't want to have to. Bad enough that people now think they need a device in their face most of the day.

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