iPhone 5S iOS 12 Review – Do NOT Update!

iPhone 5S iOS 12 Review – Should You Update? (Battery Life, Performance, Features)

The iPhone 5S is a 5-year-old device but is still [surprisingly] being supported by Apple in their latest iOS release, iOS 12. But should you update to it now? The features and performance enhancements are tempting, but watch the video for some reasons why you may not want to update just yet.

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47 Replies to “iPhone 5S iOS 12 Review – Do NOT Update!”

  1. DA GReat

    Do you know what updating means? Because your review is raving positive but your title says do not update. Either it's clickbait or you're stupid. I'm going to go with clickbait and dismiss your channel as crap.

  2. PTRK

    Lol i updated iOS 12 on my iPhone 5s and it sucks so bad. Battery drains really fast like, within an hour or so! I replace the battery and still, the battery sucks! I updated BEFORE i watch this video. My back up iPhone 5c with iOS 10 has even better battery life smh.

  3. Wasif Riffat

    the problem i am facing after update is hanging and operating itself i mean opening apps do calls on its own and thats really annoys me a lot i did everything resetting, rebooting and lastly erase all contents but the problem stays at its place.

  4. Journeyman

    lol i have issue with my iphone 5s after update to iOS 12.1, finger print no longer work, ghost touch and lagging froze sometimes hope somebody can figured out what cause? I already restore using iTunes, fingerprint normally back to work but still lagging and froze sometimes. Before iOS 11.4.1 nothing happen? Anybody have same issue with me?

  5. Jim Gunning

    Just watched 2 side by side video tests where IOS 12 on 5S had significantly less battery time then 11.4.1, one was 16 minutes less. What good is a little speed and a couple features if you loose battery life with each update ? Over a year now and with each update I hear, "well hopefully they'll fix the battery life with the next update"…and it's actually gotten worse compared to early versions of 10.

  6. genesisSOC

    So does this completely fix and remove throttling? My 5s throttles so much when gaming since iOS 11, I'm really hoping 12 fixes it permanently.

  7. Michael Forbis

    As of right now we shouldn’t update it. It’s a beta. It has bugs. That’s a given with a beta. Once it comes out fully then I’ll update it on my 5s because I tried it on my 5s instead of my 8 Plus for the reason of buts

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