iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus vs. Android Phones Side-by-Side Comparison

While we wait for our new iPhones to arrive, our friends at PC Mag compared the new iPhone 6 models with the latest Android phones on the market.

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  1. Glowstone Torch

    The iPhone 6 in proven to be the best phone investment ever. Take notes Android. It was proven that in 2 years, your s5 is worth about $60. An iPhone 6 in 2 years would be worth $450!

  2. Kevin Smith

    all android users should commit to the fact that they couldn't afford an iphone when it got released. So they started to hate on everyone else who did, saying crap like "smarthphones are overpriced, who is dumb enough to waist they're money on it?" Than the cheaper androids came out and you couldn't resist. And now your just saying mine is better because of all the hate you spread about the iphone. While we all know you still cant afford one and although if you could afford one, your pride is to big to just buy one and swallow all the hate you spread around when you couldn't afford it. We dont care which phone is better. We're just used to that phone, that we could afford when it came out for the first time. Why would we change? Because on paper another phone is faster while on benchmarks it isn't? Besides we never talk shit about android. We doesn't like google? Just get over it. Apple came out first with a decent smarthphone and you just couldn't afford it back than so now your used to the cheaper androids and i never said anything about better or not.

  3. Megan Ervin

    I'm surprised Apple didn't try to make the IPhone 6 water resistant as well.
    I just see a lot of copying of different Androids.
    IPhone 6 is just a bunch of Androids put together and a shitty OS added to it.
    I'm sorry but I work at a phone store, I put first time smartphone users to IPhones. You have to not know anything about phones to run one. So in my opinion, Androids are for a little smarter people and IPhones are for beginners. But, I also think the design is kind of cool looking, I had one in my hands the other day and it felt good, but like I said, it just doesn't compare to my S5.
    That's a matter of opinion though.
    It's kind of like the difference between PlayStation and Xbox.

  4. Frank Poorte

    Lol these smartphone fanboys. Who cares which phone is better? As long as i can freaking send messages, use my browser and apps like facebook etc im fine.

  5. Sava

    One thing people don't seem to understand is that even if the iPhone is faster than Android with most Android phones, you can tweak developer settings and even go deeper and root it to make it faster and make it something you really want, while with iPhones you're stuck with what you have. Just putting it out there.

  6. The0nlyKyd

    What's that? It's still not keeping up with the specs of other phones? It still refuses to use micro USB in order to scam people out of their money to buy a charger that only works for their own brand? It still doesn't have SD support to expand its storage space? It still doesn't let you do half the things that can be done on Android phones released years ago?

    I haven't looked at the price because my old, out-of-date phone still out-performs this garbage, but I'm going to assume it's massively overpriced.

  7. I0I HAVOK I0I

    Iphone is generic…trash phone…always have been…android is way better…only reason why people want the iphone is cause other people have it…gonna end up jus like the sidekick especially now since there basically making there phones look jus like an android

  8. Charles P.

    These infantile phone wars are really getting to me. What is the big deal against Apple?  Do people hold such a small scope of reality that they concern themselves over what phone I use? Can I not own it without being thought of as a clueless, ignorant sheep?  I don't mean to be rude to those who think this…..but really…..get a life.  I've owned both Android and Apple before, just went back to a iOS yesterday, so I'm perfectly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Do people who see me on the street using my 6 actually believe I'm not?  I'm a consumer–I don't drop a dime this big without being aware of what else is out there.  Don't assume anything.

    And I don't buy the iPhone for status….I'm not 12, thanks. I bought it because it's a well designed, thought out, concise and enjoyable device to use, and I prefer iOS and Apple's ecosystem having given Android's a shot.  Heaven forbid.  While I believe Androids to be a bit less polished and don't care for the OS, customization, nor do I find the benefits its open ended nature brings relative to its detriments, I don't hold that against anyone. Androids are very decent and capable phones.

    I just happened upon a video on here of a guy walking out of an Apple store, opening his new 6 in front of people in line, throwing it onto the ground, stomping on it, and walking away.  I mean, c'mon now.  Seriously? Where does this disdain stem from? I can understand preference but what I cannot understand is why there's such passionate, vitriolic hatred over an electronics device to such a degree that someone would waste that amount of money and time simply to demonstrate a point. All of this seems to extend much past that to a "fight against the man" mentality.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me, because when it all comes down to it, it's just a goddamn phone. It's certainly NOT worthy of this type of attention and energy. Is this just contrarianism at its finest? Fighting against the mainstream? Asserting individuality?  What is it?

  9. Endle 185

    It's all about the phone working right with all the chips working together. Have u seen the zen demo for the iPhone 6. Don't think u will be seeing that on android. Says it all for me. Very smart piece of kit.

  10. Pusech

    Gameboy is the master race biaches ! 
    PS4 X1 PC Apple and Google arent even close to it ! 
    Gameboy Advance>Gameboy Color > Shit >Everything else 

  11. Carmelo Basco

    Had an android before. It was fine because it was nifty and all but I was never content with the interface and find it that it didn't look as elegant as the iOS did no matter how much you customize it your liking. It doesn't feel right with the iOS being in an android phone though when I tried it when I thought things would just be better if the iOS could work in an android phone. I guess the iphone and the iOS just really goes hand-in-hand. Just my 2 cents. 

    Happy with my 4. Was a gift. 🙂 Couldn't see the reason of replacing it every year if its just something bigger really.

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