iPhone 6 vs Nokia 6 Speed Test!

iPhone 6 vs Nokia 6 Speed Test! In this video we take a look at the iPhone 6 vs Nokia 6 in a speed test comparison to help you decide if the Nokia 6 is the better device. The iPhone 6 and Nokia 6 are in the same price range is thats why this video was made. Any questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to go ahead and drop them in the comment section of this video. As always, thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPhone 6:

Nokia 6:

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44 Replies to “iPhone 6 vs Nokia 6 Speed Test!”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    iPhone 6 vs Nokia 6! Both of these phones being in the same price range calls for a comparison of each of the devices! It actually is much closer than you might initially think!

  2. Give me Chicken nuggets

    AND The iPhone 6 in my country is about 399.99£ on Amazon but I'm not in the UK but it brings me to it but why does YOUTUBERS NOKIA 6 ACT NICE MINE IS TERRIBLE it's acting like a Snapdragon 210 not 430

  3. Malik Minhas

    Your this video got stollen.
    A guy somehow downloaded your video, edited it by adding his own voice in Hindi and uploaded it on his channel. You can spot it as your video as he couldn't edit Instagram and twitter profiles, which are yours.

    Here is the video:


    I hope you will report this and highlight it in your next video so that no one in future does such thing.

  4. subhasis sarkar

    Hey Nick I have new Nokia 6 and the battery is of my phone is draining very quickly even when I am not using the phone. So tell me how can I solve this problem ?
    Please do reply..

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