iPHONE 6S Vs iPHONE 8 On iOS 12! (Speed Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 6s both got iOS 12, so how do they compare now? Let’s find out

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48 Replies to “iPHONE 6S Vs iPHONE 8 On iOS 12! (Speed Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Nct We the Dream Chaser

    I have the 6s and I’m thinking of upgrading to the 8 plus . Still not sure despite watching so many videos comparing them . Is the camera quality much different cuz that would defo be the deal breaker for me.

    Ps. This is a lil weird but u have such a nice talking voice? its so calming!

  2. Agostino

    iPhone 6S seems like a beast in 2018. Can't believe this thing is 3 years old and seems almsot as fast as a phone 2 years ahead of it. Funny huh. (I have the newest iPod touch.)

  3. MrBenzboy11

    I got iPhone 6s 64GB for $160 and then replace it the battery for $29 in Apple Store so yah I really like it. And by the way if you have older iPhone and it's needs new battery go to Apple store and replace it for $29 because they're doing it to the end of this year 2018, in 2019 the price will go up to the old price $85 something like that so keep in mind.

  4. Nounkimitsu

    Apple Supports all their phones for 6 Years Max so the 6s will have approximately 3 or 4 more years of update, I see the 5s still running with updates and it came out in 2013

  5. Ziad Hamwi

    Great video, but by the way, you can replace the the screen on the iPhone 8 and retain the home button functionality along with Touch ID. As long as you transfer the original home button from the old screen to the new screen, the home button will continue to function after you replace the screen and the exact same concept applies to the 6s, only difference with the 6s is that if you install an aftermarket home button, the button functionality will continue to work but the Touch ID functionality will not work with an after market home button, whereas with the iPhone 8 if you install an aftermarket home button, both the button functionality as well as the Touch ID functionality will no longer work.

    The moral of the story is that as long as you always retain your original home button when replacing the screen on all iPhones from the 5s all the way to the 8 Plus, your home button will always work alongside with Touch ID.

  6. Simon van den H

    They make a new processor with more cores each year. Can someone explain why the speed difference is so minimal ? 6+ is sometimes faster, it's processor is 2 generations older?

  7. Kate VRob

    I thought im getting the 6splus but a big surpirse ny dad's company are givng iphone 8 on their employees//worker and my dad is a manager and he told me yesterday he's getting a iphone 8 because of the company and he says it only need approval hehehehe and glad that my dad is giving me the phone

  8. arbyfc

    Once the Notch goes in a few years , these stylish older iPhones may gain in popularity. Today’s Notch iPhones may be regarded as just creepy.

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