iPhone 7 10 Tips and Tricks Hidden Features!

iPhone 7 & 7 Pus Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features
Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7 that you didn’t know existed. The iPhone 7 comes with a plethora of features that they don’t officially tell the consumers about, but today ill be giving them to you. These hidden features should help you have a better experience using your iPhone 7. I hope you enjoyed this video! Thanks for Watching!
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31 Replies to “iPhone 7 10 Tips and Tricks Hidden Features!”

  1. Lumipallo

    Does anyone know what is the gray thing that comes when you double tap the home button but not pressing it just tap it as if you were doing the touch id thing or just tapping the screen i dont know if you get it?

  2. cowgirl9925

    I have a iPhone 7 I was on android for several years but it kept messing up so I switched to the iPhone ? I got my first iPhone ? for Christmas ? this year its an iPhone 7

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