iPhone 7 : iOS 12.2 Final versus iOS 12.1.4 Speed Test (Build : 16E227)

The wait is over, iOS 12.2 Final has been released as expected. iOS 12.2 is required to use AirPod 2’s, so it will force people that has bought these to upgrade to be able to use them. So it is very important that iOS 12.2 also does not slow down your devices compared to iOS 12.1.4.

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20 Replies to “iPhone 7 : iOS 12.2 Final versus iOS 12.1.4 Speed Test (Build : 16E227)”

  1. John Smith

    I have iphone 7 with iOS 12.1. Please help mi decide should I update do 12.2? Everything runs great on 12.1 and I'm very happy with it, but all that security fixes make me tempted to go for 12.2. It's also a bit annoying to see prompt to install new software everyday in the morning 😉

  2. sayyam nasir

    Still running the ios 12.1 . I dont update . Because ios 12 at the early stage was the best after ios 10 . Now i am hearing alot of battery issues. Mine runs like a gem. Easily gives me a day on the most heavy use and if put on the power saving mode it goes up to almost 1.5 days. Ios 12.1 is great

  3. T743 C368

    Pls can you do speed/lag test between 11.4 vs 12.2 !? I’m on 11.4 still , some ppl still on 11.4 and they wanna know as well the speed/ lag differences, I want to upgrade to 12.2 but if it’s slower by much then I won’t update to 12.2 ..

  4. E. Tamplin

    Did u all fix the inbox email notifications problems on iphone 7? I talked to u all about it a year ago & u all were aware of it but non of the up dates has fixed it yet on mine??? when getting an email, no ding or red dot w/ a number in it automatically like it did when i got it & after ios 10. failed on ios 11.? Could someone fwd this to apple if i'm not in the right place?? TY..

  5. TrueLojic

    12.2 looks the tiniest of bit faster, could just be human error of course, some points it was legit a little bit faster. But overall the same.

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