iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel Camera Comparison

The iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel pack in some great camera hardware, so if you are wondering which one has the best camera, we have you covered. In this video, we show you how the cameras on iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel fare in different situations.

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Music: Tropic by Joakim Karud

Here are the links to download all the images used in the video:
iPhone 7 Plus:
Google Pixel:

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33 Replies to “iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel Camera Comparison”

  1. Markus Klusemann

    I love this phone it looks GREAT but it also works very well.>>>ur2.pl/1233 I did not by it on this account but I would get this phone instead of the 8 plus. This phone is like Cadillac of phones and the camera on the back makes it look so cool. I bought 3 to give for birthday presents and they loved them. My friend has a Samsung and my phone beat the camera

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