iPhone 7 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Here’s a video on Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features of the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus.This video will help new users as well as advanced users to learn more about the device. Watch the full video and know about core features of this device 🙂

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10 GAMES I PLAY ON MY iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 Gaming Test:
iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 SPEEDTEST:

IPhone 7: After a Month: Coming Up
Best Apps for IPhone 7: Coming Up
Games I Play on my iPhone 7 Plus: Coming Up

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27 Replies to “iPhone 7 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features”

  1. Kuthbudeen Farook

    Recording video as a spy mode , just if u drag down the arrow from top of the screen… u will get widgets it can hide video recording easily instead of holding lock screen

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