iPhone 8 in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were the last iPhones to come with the home button, and as a result are the optimal smartphone for many people in 2019. It helps that they’re just great overall phones as well, so let’s see how they hold up over a year later!

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46 Replies to “iPhone 8 in 2019 – worth buying? (Review)”

  1. 91Tech

    What do you think of the iPhone 8? Is it still worth it in 2019, especially over options like the XR?
    Minor correction: portrait photo at 3:12 was taken on the iPhone X, but the 8 Plus will produce similar results.

  2. Alan Liu


  3. Donald Manasco

    I have the 8 Plus Product Red and I absolutely love it…the red glass on the back is stunning and the black face compliments the red way better than previous years white face! I will probably keep it for couple more years to be honest!!

  4. Liane M

    Watching this on my iphone 8 space gray (black). Looks and performance all good! I am loving this phone! ? i dont know if I will like the newest model of iphone. I still love the iphone with home button.

  5. Cast Iron Geek

    Thank you for this video and it has helped me a great deal. I'm planning my first trip to Thailand for my channel and planned to get a new phone instead of bringing all my camera gear. Cheers.

  6. Stan D

    They are very well worth buying. Fed up with the X’s weird aspect ratio and I wanted a phone that can be used one-handed. Switched to the 8.

  7. Hannah Perez

    I just got my iPhone 8 a few days ago.

    My review:
    Beautiful phone with a glass back and Touch ID home button (which I like). It is a one handed phone but I would have liked a bigger phone such as iPhone 8+. Camera is great and display quality is decent, not bad but not jaw dropping amazing. Overall, it’s a great phone, definitely saving money compared to the iPhone X series. If you have an 8/8+ then it’s not worth upgrading to an iPhone XS or Xr because they practically have the same stuff, but the 10’s are slightly better. Mine is a huge upgrade from my old iPod touch.

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