iPhone 8 in late 2018 – still worth buying? (Review)

The iPhone 8 was probably the most underrated phone of 2017, being just as fast the iPhone X but with an older design. But how does it hold up in 2018, a full one year later?
The iPhone 8 is underrated:
iPhone XS Review:
iPhone X in 2018:
Switching to the iPhone 8 Plus:

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21 Replies to “iPhone 8 in late 2018 – still worth buying? (Review)”

  1. Ken Hutcherson

    Going to keep my space gray 256GB 8 until the bitter bitter end with a 128GB space gray SE as a back up. I will be going back to blackberry if there are nothing but gesture based iPhones available when the 8 is no longer usable.

  2. SirHunter

    1:07 What do you mean youd recommend the 8 plus over the stock 8 because of faster speeds? they have the same chip, even the X has the same chip as the 8 and 8 plus

  3. Anthony Williams

    Great video! You can also get an 8 or 8 plus with 256gb for a very good price even on Amazon. If you prefer phone storage space over bells and whistles, then you really can’t go wrong with either the 8 or 8 plus. Thanks for posting!

  4. The og Angie

    I feel so bad my mom has a cheap phone and she wants to buy me like one of the newer iPhones and she gets to keep my iPhone 8 but I feel so bad like it’s 1 year used and it’s not one of the latest ones idk she deserves better but she says it’s because I do so good in school and I’m such a good kid and all this stuff.. guys I don’t deserve my mom shes amazing 🙂

  5. neon05442

    Thanks for the review. My bent iPhone 6 keeps crashing in some apps so I'm thinking of upgrading. The only real drawbacks are the amount of money they cost and I'm still mad about the headphone jack.

  6. Josefin Davidsson

    I just upgraded from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 8.. and to me it’s totally worth it. Even tho people say they’re the same phones. The 8 has a speaker that I so much better than 7, and the phone overall is just iPhone 7 but so much better lol. Worth buying if u ask me!

  7. sokyut

    im getting the 8plus or 6splus but idk, the 6splus im planning to get is 128g and the 8+ im planning to get is 256 or idk but in the 200s (i frgt) and the Xr i want to get is 64g

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