iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus DROP Test!

iPhone 8 Plus Drop Test VS 7 Plus. Just How Durable Is The New iPhone 8 Compared To 7? Incredible & Disappointing Results.

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47 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus DROP Test!”

  1. Lover Tocats

    Anyone else realize that the ones that were either front facing or back facing, they always landed on that side immediately for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 would bounce around. There gonna break more when that happens

  2. Eve. x

    Ppl like this really piss me off because he is literally destroying expensive shit and it rly annoys me like imagine all the ppl who spent so much time manufacturing those phones and he is destroying them like also wtf

    “The 7+ is totaled”
    Like bitch who tf you think you are, it has a tiny lil crack you Rich dickhead like I’ve been saving for an 8 plus for 4 months now and it really annoys me that he just goes “I’ll go get another one” after one crack likeeeeeee fuck offffffff

  3. AngryKoala Insane

    3:44mins look likes a sumo fighting.. iPhone 8 Plus DESTROYS 7 Plus.. and IMHO the glass is better 'cause it absorbs the impact better even when it breaks.. the aluminum could be ok but inside of 7 Plus it could have all pieces broken..

  4. cohen

    He Lying like fuck bout the 7 cause he dropped the 7 when it came out from 10 feet n no cracks lmaooo stupid ass lying thot just tryna make newer phones seem better

  5. U n i c o r n !

    im planning to get the 8 plus but i wouldn’t drop it from head high lol probably from my lap or pocket but if someone was holding my phone and it fell and cracked i would tell them to get me a new phone

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