iPhone 8 Plus vs Nokia 8 – Speed Test!

iPhone 8 Plus vs Nokia 8 – Which is Fastest?

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37 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus vs Nokia 8 – Speed Test!”

  1. devraj shastri

    The New IPhone fits my requirements for a smartphone very well.>>>ur2.pl/1270 I upgraded from a 6S and don’t have to relearn much to use it immediately. It’s a lot faster, will be able to accept software upgrades for longer and appears to have better battery life. The screen seems to be clearer and have more contrast and snap for color images and photos. The camera has a few new features and better clarity than my old phone. I think it’s a reasonable deal for the money given that all smartphones are pricier than ever.

  2. Aure P

    I think is wrong to compere phone speed with completely deferent operating system like Android and iPhones OS . I'd take Nokia any time.

  3. gadget garage

    Nokia 8 has a shitty camera with slow auto focus and 3 out of 10 times open camera app it will freeze and make weird noise from the camera module.,weak wifi reception and while playing games like pubg or mobile legend if u accident press recent key it will re login to the game even there's no other app running at the background,terrible experience for me after use it for few days

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