iPhone 8 Review

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The iPhone 8 is a really great phone. If you’re not planning to get the iPhone X, get this one. It’s got the best battery life I’ve ever seen on an iPhone and the camera and processor upgrades are big. While it’s not the phone for me (I’m getting the iPhone X), I think it’s the phone for everyone else.

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34 Replies to “iPhone 8 Review”

  1. Joshua Duca

    because that's why I only seen number not the changes because I don't see it's a new because they only put the back glass design its still iOS 11 wake up guys your only disappointed of similarity of phones

  2. Jonas

    A DSLR's main purpose is to take pictures not to record video. So it isn't too bad that a 1500 dollar one can't shoot 4k at 60.

  3. Dave Shields

    Yeah new glass back so it will slip out of your hand easier and crack it no matter what side it lands on so you’ll have spend a small fortune replacing it.

  4. Christina Pia

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed on my iPhone 8 that the camera isn’t that good. It’s kind of blurry and pixelated especially on the indoors. I hope the next ios updates will change those. 🙁

  5. Jody Rodgers

    Won’t pay that money for that phone is just like the iPhone 7 only few things different, if I had that kinda money I go ahead get the iPhone x better than 8 lol

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