iPhone 8 Unboxing (Gold)

Apple iPhone 8 unboxing in gold 64GB!
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27 Replies to “iPhone 8 Unboxing (Gold)”

  1. charger master

    It should just have been called the iPhone 7 SE i see nothing new besides a glass back and wireless charging on this phone and maybe a couple of bugs fixed from the iPhone 7.

  2. Gaming Foreverlost

    ppl get like all abou a new IPhone so lae or slowly expecially here in middle east and maybe in general I dont get it and they made so much noise for Iphone7 which is a little different to the previous ones but this new one has a really beautiful design which all colors are looking good also I mean the new gold one is way better than the olg gold ones

  3. Shannon Alcorn

    Hey! ?? Ty glad to see ya on iPhone ? day. Nice looking phones as usual. I guess after the remaining iPhone videos coming… I'll see you in November for iPhone X(10) or next year. No disrespect at all Ty I've always enjoyed your Tech stuff and Daily vlogs, but if you'd stuck with this channel on a consistent basis. I think you would have millions of subscribers like the other Tech YouTubers. Again no disrespect just my thoughts ? but hey I still enjoy watching your videos ??????

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