iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPhone 8 vs the iPhone 7.

Let’s find out if upgrading from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8 is worth it or not.

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41 Replies to “iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Full Comparison”

  1. RCmies

    Not sure whether to get the iPhone 8 or XR. It's a 300€ difference… I don't think it's worth it because the display is still a shitty resolution on the XR.

  2. MrCrepers86

    I actually just went from iPhone 6 to 7 and I noticed some huge differences. I got my iPhone 6 about 9 months ago through a promo boost mobile was having, but than moved a week later to an area where where my internet didn’t work for boost mobile. Suffered through it until I could afford to switch to a better service where I could either take my iPhone 6, or get a new phone. I waited a long time for something from apple to come out with what the 6 offered but couldn’t afford it. Until I seen boost stores offering the iPhone 6 32 gig for $30 when you switch. Than this past week I was able to switch to AT&T and got the iPhone 7. My grand mother got the iPhone 8 last year and really for what I use my phone for I do not really notice any difference. The materials are not noticeable as we both have heavy duty cases. Mine because of my work hers is because she gets pissed for not knowing how to use it and throws it across the room. Now if I could get her to just swap phones with me since we are both on AT&T and hers is a 64gig where I had to settle for a 32 gig

  3. Marilyn Gutierrez

    I need advice. I wanna get my mom a new phone but I’m having trouble on deciding what to do. I have iPhone 7 so I dunno if I should just give her the one I have and get myself a newer one OR just get her an iPhone 7 as well and keep mine? I really don’t care much about phones but just wondering if it’s worth to upgrade? I def don’t wanna get no iPhone X or whatever they’re called because they’re soooo expensive.

  4. lmart

    okay, just gotta day something here. So we all watched this video and we are thinking what to get.. I would say get the fricking 8! How many times do you drop your phone? Do you never have a case. They are talking about everything with no case. So if you guys want a better chip or better LCD. There is more storage just for a little more money. You won’t see it in your monthly bill because of how much it barely costs more than the iphone 7. I have the 8 coming from nothing. This is my first phone. But ONE thing to say, if you have the 7, don’t upgrade. this whole thing was for people if they had the 6 or the 5s or whatever.

  5. Jean Dungo

    As a iphone user i must prefer the iphone 7, why? there is no main difference between the two, but if you are a clumsy person like me i prefer the 7 because the 8 has a glass back which can break easily, and the 7 is aluminum which is more stable, and the only thing is the iphone 8 is just newer and you have to pay more so im kinda leaning towards the 7

  6. Hannah Perez

    I upgraded from my iPod touch 6 and it’s better. I wish it was an 8+ since I would’ve preferred a bigger phone but I like the 8 mainly because of the glass back and home button and Touch ID.


    I have 7 and its no differnce 7 and 8 are kinda the same but in my option 7th better for me I won't upgradibg in tell proably 2 years or shorter so yeah or I will never uprade I will proably upgrade because I know ima end up dropping thebdang phone on the floor and it gonna crack

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