iPhone Battery Tips from Best To Worst

I go over all the best iPhone tips to extend the battery life on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro or iPod Touch in order from the best battery tips to the worst battery tips in order of importance. #iphone #battery #tips

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49 Replies to “iPhone Battery Tips from Best To Worst”

  1. Angel Cantu Jr.

    Do you also get the same bug when you turn in reduce motion and reduce transparency on the lock screen? What happens to me is that when I get a notification and I sometimes scroll up to see the older notifications the screen flashes quickly

  2. H Saeed

    Another battery tip is I do this when my battery on my iPhone x is go to general then turn on black and white and also turn on slim invert and then your battery should be last longer

  3. popitn2nd

    Sir there’s an issue with iphone xs max that needs to be address to apple. I come here to your channel so it can reach out to apple. I found out that when you do a screen recording while watching a video on youtube, this will cause the iphone to crash. It will freeze and shutdown. It happend to me 6 x This problems also, occurs when you do a screen recording while playing high graphics game like asphalt legends 9. It would either save the recording with no video content when play it or it will not save any video at all after screen recording. So i was wondering if you can do this test on your device with ios 12.1.3 software. On an iphone xs max. I would really appreciate it to know what the out come be. Hoping this is a simple bug fix! Thanks!

  4. unkown bot

    i have watched all your battery videos….i have been struggling with the battery life …not how long it lasts but the health.I bought an iphone 7 plus ( 2nd hand ) and the battery was at 91%…date of purchase 20-11-2018……as of today…the battery health is 85% ( was 86% yesterday )….i rarely play games on phone …dont use background app refresh,no location services,brightness always at 50%….i ONLY use the original charger and cable…and sometimes i leave the phone to charge overnight…so my question is :is the health drop ok? and is there anything i can do to prevent from massive battery health drop? pls answer ….thank you in advance

  5. Marshall Fox

    How come when I turn my Bluetooth off in control center my Apple Watch still stays connected. But when I get into my car it turns itself on to connect to my radio. When doing the same with WiFi at home from control center it doesn’t stay connected like it does with Bluetooth.

  6. Matthew Phillips

    A bit of advice, the lighting of your videos is not so great. It is hard to see what’s on your phone screen, especially with a white or bright background. Maybe increase brightness or bring the phone closer to camera?

  7. Hummam Sheikh Ali

    Thanks for the useful tips I may add something I personally use which is reducing the white points in the screen because personally my eyes get strained looking at very bright surface so i ended up reducing the white point in the display to 60 percent which I also found useful in saving some battery life I also turned off the face ID for unlocking the phone because I receive lots of messages and every time the screen gets on to show the message, the face id projector works and I think this also consumes a lot of battery if someone is receiving plenty of notifications.

  8. Zachary Wright

    Zollotech on your 2018 battery suggestion video, you kept all background app refresh on excluding Facebook. On this video it seems like you turned majority off. I have YouTube, Facebook, evernote, United bank, capital one, Facebook messenger, the weather channel, td bank, Pandora, Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist app. Only background app refresh I have disabled is “Facebook” app as you suggested in the previous year. Would you suggest I turn off any other apps on my list? Would I really see a difference in battery life?

  9. Miky Koon

    Oled screans generate a lot more heat , much more than lcd so not great for battery too . So there not all that great in truth , lcd is a more realiable source overall

  10. Indian MTB

    Great video.
    One great tip from me : put your phone screen facing down. It will notify you pnly with sound or vibration but it will not light up display.

  11. ant

    I never use location services so i have it off, and my brightness is always on 50% or lower. I also have siri off completely because i dont use it either. About a year and a half with my X and i’m at 97% battery health 🙂

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