iPhone Messages Tips and Tricks IOS 10 Edition

Message for iPhone is the most widely used app and so we’ve decided to do an entire class devoted to covering this app. We’ll discuss new features like tap back, markup, and stickers as well as older features that you might have missed.

Our Favorite Apps/Stickers for iPhone (many of these links will only work if you live in the USA. Otherwise you can just search for them).

Yarn Spin:
Emoji Me:

00:28 Force Touch
01:05 Audio Memos
01:50 Inspector
2:35 Send Current Location
02:50 Share my location
03:19 Individual Do Not Disturb
03:41 Individual Read Receipts
04:34 Link Previews
04:58 Instant Photos
06:32 Tapback
07:04 Predictive Text
08:13 Digital Touch
09:32 Markup Photos
10:17 Apps for Messages

Do you have a favorite app for messages that you want us to check out? Mention it below in the comments (no links please…just the name is fine)

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28 Replies to “iPhone Messages Tips and Tricks IOS 10 Edition”


    Hello can i search for a specific word that repeated in one text message conversation and use next/previous feature to find all the times i used this word? And how? Thank you so much

  2. mhyoung357

    How do you delete already deleted messages? when I text someone a million previous recipients show up. I want to delete those people from a previous group text. Thanks for everything! I always learn a lot from you.

  3. Facttester

    I wish you did not talk so fast. It seems you are in a hurry, that's what I understand because you have a lot of work to do. But English is not my mothertongue, so please try next time to present your information more in a relaxed manner, more slowly. Thank you and keep up the excellent work you do. I learn a lot from you. Thanx!

  4. Elizabeth Levine

    I enjoy your tutorials (although you're so quick I need to pause & rewind often. )You force touch often but when I try I get little x's to delete icons. I have 6plus w 10.2.1 help please

  5. Kristof Vandenborn

    Hi David, I have a question: why some of my contacts have a photo (some are from LinkedIn, some are from Facebook) but some of them don't have a picture … do you know how to resolve it?

  6. Nickybb44

    One of the things I used to like was to be able to select a previous message and copy it and then paste it somewhere else. Now, when you highlight the message to copy it, I can only comment on it!! So frustrating. Do you know how you can copy a message you have sent or received?

  7. Elisabeth Luke

    Hi David I have just discovered you and absolutely love the way you present and the wealth of information you give. Thank you for your passion of all things MAC it really comes across in your presentations. Love your work!

  8. Tresa Yung

    Thanks for the informative video Mark & David. So, regarding your response to @RivChick1, does that mean that Android users won't get the GIF's sent from iPhone either?? or do Androids at least receive those?? Thanks again.

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