Iphone Mic Problem Is It Hardware Or IOS 12 Software Or Both?

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Why do the IPhone 6,6S,7 and others have this odd mic problem? Is it the new IOS 12 update, or is it a combination of software and hardware that is making IOS life difficult for some owners?

My thoughts are that the microphone’s IC or processing chip is at the centre of this problem. It could be that the update to IOS 12 from earlier versions is not correctly “setting up” the audio services.

A lot of people that we have communicated with have managed to get back up and running after a complete factory reset.

Could this prove that the upgrade wasn’t completed correctly by the phone’s software and the reset allowed it to not have the software baggage for the previous install?

Maybe that is the case here? Although my personal opinion is it is more to do with wear and tear during the phone’s life.

It has been shown of other IPhone repair videos that the microphone IC chip is soldered in a similar way to the old Nvidia graphics chips that were a big problem a few years ago, where people were having to reball or resolder the joints between a chip and the mainboard.

Apple themselves are offering repairs to the IC chip or offering discounted replacements for phones suffering from microphone problems.

The truth is, a lot of people are having microphone problems with IPhones and there doesn’t seem to be, at the moment, any proven way of repairing the devices. It seems like you can try the usual methods of cleaning the mic and headset jacks, and if that doesn’t work then do a factory reset, and if all else fails then the IC chip or microphone will possibly need to be repaired or replaced.

If there is any new information on this problem I will try and share it as soon as possible. And if you know of anything that could help please let me know either here or via the contact methods below.

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38 Replies to “Iphone Mic Problem Is It Hardware Or IOS 12 Software Or Both?”

  1. David Brewer

    My friend's i-phone sounds like he is gargling with marbles or the sound just gets choppy. This is the second 6s he has had & they are both the same. I had a 6s as a company phone & it was nothing but trouble. Not only was is vulnerable to being broken all the time such that & used to carry the Fucking thing around in a thick bubble wrap envelope…i-phones are just expensive junk. My Cat C60 Android is military spec, armored, waterproof & just works.

  2. Adrian Franklin

    This just happened to my husbands phone. Just updated to the 12.2 update on an iPhone7. Video sounds play through the phone but can't hear any calls and no one can hear him. Very frustrating when he FULLY relies on his phone for work. Is there a way he can record his voicemail to say please text me?
    We have tried the noise cancelling option, didn't work. Tried restoring factory settings, didn't work. Next option is Apple appointment this weekend, but phone isn't under warranty.

  3. Sagar Sharma

    Sir i have iphone 6s plus (ios 12.1.3) in which microphone is not working during video calling in any social networking app like fb messenger , instagram ,whatsapp what should i do .

  4. Jim Heitzman

    My iPhone 8 Plus with a verified lightning adapter and Rode SC7 not working…

    I tried everything. Tested the lightning adapter using my Apple headphones. The sound and mic works.
    But when I add the Rode SC7 connected to a Boys condenser mic, it doesn’t work. And is not detected by Filmic Pro and the Sound Recorder app.

    BUT that same setup tested fine on my on my old iPhone 5.

    Whats going on?

  5. Edsel Gaela

    Had the same problem since yesterday with my iphone 7+ right after i updated to 12.2. Day before the keyboard was not showing when i need to type. So i reset my phone. Then it updated then i lost the microphone. Is there any non evasive solution for this?

  6. bilsaf2

    I have iPhone 7 I have a very unique problem with
    After 12.1 updates mic not working but
    fix after several restarts but problem come again is this hardware ?
    Problem fix only by several restarts but come again 4 or 5hrs

  7. Anthony Trang

    We need a class action. It is clearly a design flaw!! Offering another Iphone 7 for $350 that will later inherit the same issues is a kick square in the nuts. Apple will NEVER fess up. It's not economical for them to replace all the affected handsets nor economical to do the repairs. I hope apple sales continue to decline and i hope all the fanbois wake up and realise how terrible apple products are – overhyped and full off design flaws.

  8. Renee Ashely

    Has anyone been able to fox their issue?!?!? my microphone randomly stopped working and i have done a factory reset it worked for a bit and now its back to not working. apple wants 300 to fix it but at this rate I'm about to switch to samsung. I NEED HELp 🙁

  9. keithsa41

    my son's iphone 7 plus software update is at 12.1.4. when making or trying to recieve calls, the microphone does not work, no sound. It works with blue tooth ear buds not practical. Why hasen't apple fixed this mess yet?

  10. babasteal1

    Bought iPhone 7 Plus in October 2018, everything worked fine brilliant phone. Downloaded the iOS update 12 and just like is mentioned in this video all functions using the mic do not work. No audio device found when using the voice recorder I even tried getting rid of the iOS and resetting the phone but didn’t work either. I think it’s insane how many people have the same issue and quite frankly am disgusted in apple’s determination to fix this issue. The phone worked absolutely fine before the iOS update. I have bought iPhones since iPhone 4 and have been really happy with the phones but it looks like their quality in manufacturing is dropping and quite frankly am not going to waste allot of money again on apple phone brand. These phones are not cheap so there is no excuse for poor design, poor soldering and cheap components that break easily.

  11. Amanda LaPore

    This happened to my phone as well after the software update. Factory reset didn't work, nothing worked. I took it in the the Apple store and they told me there is no fix and I need to buy a new phone. ridiculous

  12. Gary Martin

    I updated to iso 12 on my iPhone 6 and within a day my microphone stopped working in calls. It picks up my voice fine on siri but not on telephone calls??

  13. Flawless Digital Photography & Video

    i have an iphone 6plus – its recently started muting my conversation to the caller for 3-10 seconds during calls however i can hear the caller perfectly fine im thinking i maybe need to downgrade to ios 11 as im on 12 and wondered if thats the issue. never had any problem before, even had the charging port replaced with the mics and it still happens……any ideas on how to solve

  14. Heather s

    Its really messed up that apple has done this and allowed it to occur without a fix. Shame on them. They charge so much for a phone, now come no one has called them out?

  15. fat

    i have the iphone 7 128gb and it was working fine yesterday but now my voice memos says theres no audio device found, and when i facetime someone, it ends by itself. also my headphone work with other phones and not mine!

  16. Gnoxious

    This problem happened to me. Speaker button greyed out, people can’t hear me, can’t hear anyone when I make phone calls, phone takes forever to turn on… It’s the audio IC chip. Needs to be replaced. Don’t bother taking it to apple. I did that and they wanted to charge me 350 for a new phone. I found a third party iPhone repair shop and they did it for 150 and fixed the problem.

  17. Kasper Langmoen Johansson

    I have a iphone 6, updatet to ios 12, (the newest versions of them) My mic works on phonecalls, but not on facetime, messengerchats, or snapchat. Only when i am calling, and its not a setting thats turned of.. WHat is happening

  18. Krystin Lehtola

    Unfortunately, I'm it's happened to me as well last week! Thank you for your info and insight on possible issues. AT&T was quick to 'suggest to buy a new phone' when I just paid it off which is crazy.

  19. pete551

    I have a iphone 7+ and the speaker works with youtube but not for phone calls> the speaker button is also blacked out during phone calls. i cant hear the person but the person hears me. ios12. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

  20. zeal

    i had the same problem. i phone 7 plus. working just fine.updated to ios 12 and my iphone turned into a paperweight all of a sudden. not able to hear anything during calls and nobody can hear my voice. no siri, no microphone nothing. i asked apple and they said it was a hardware issue? i cant believe it! sent it the store and had to PAY for diagnostics..and now waiting for a verdict of how much more i have to pay for the piece of shit product from this shit company. NOT a Loyal customer anymore.

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